NVE PDIP Isolators--State-of-the-art technology in an industry-standard package
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PDIP IsolatorsPDIP Isolators
State-of-the-art technology in a venerable package

Pin-for-pin replacements for popular optocouplers, IsoLoop PDIP isolators provide higher speed, less distortion, and unlimited life without changing board layout. Features include a full 7 mm external creepage distance, one or two channels (including bidirectional); configurations to replace LED or digital inputs; and digital or open-collector outputs. NVE also offers MSOP, SOIC-8, narrow-body, and wide-body isolators.

Key PDIP isolator features include:

JDEC standard 8-pin PDIP
Passive or Digital Inputs
One or Two Channels
CMOS or Open-Drain Outputs     
Up to 125°C (T-Series)

VDE 0884-10; UL1577
44000 Year Barrier Life
300 Vrms Working Voltage    
7 mm Ext. Creepage

Part Number
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PDF data sheet)
Data Rate
Input  Output  Features Maximum
IL610-2 (.pdf)1001/0 Passive CMOSOutput Enable85C
 IL610A-2 (.pdf)101/0PassiveOpen-drainOutput Enable85C
 IL611-2 (.pdf)1002/0PassiveCMOS 85C
 IL611A-2 (.pdf)102/0PassiveOpen-drain 85C
IL612-2 (.pdf)1001/1PassiveCMOSBidirectional85C
IL612A-2 (.pdf)101/1PassiveOpen-drainBidirectional85C
IL710-2 (.pdf)1101/0DigitalCMOSOutput Enable100C
IL711-2 (.pdf)1102/0DigitalCMOS 100C
IL712-2 (.pdf)1101/1DigitalCMOSBidirectional100C
IL710T-2 (.pdf)1101/0DigitalCMOSOutput Enable125C
IL711T-2 (.pdf)1102/0DigitalCMOS 125C
IL712T-2 (.pdf) 110 1/1 Digital CMOS   125C
"E" suffix for RoHS

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