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H-Bridge Arduino Shield

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A musical demonstration of a noncontact TMR linear magnetic encoder
Playing the Minnesota Rouser with Spintronics
ALT021 Ultrasensitive TMR Magnetometer
Interfacing Magnetic Proximity Sensors to PLCs

Upcoming Trade Shows
NVE will co-exhibit with German distributor HY-LINE Power Components at PCIM Europe, May 9 to 11 in Nuremberg, Germany. See us at Booth 7-108.

NVE sensors will also be on display at Sensor+Test in cooperation with distributors Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power. Visit Booth 1-361.

Earth Day
Earth Day is April 22. Our parts enable clean energy controls, and NVE is committed to environmental responsibility in the resource-intensive semiconductor industry
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NEW! H-Bridge Arduino Shield
Our new H-bridge Arduino Shield can drive motors or other loads. The board uses NVE isolators and isolated DC-to-DC convertors for exceptional performance and miniaturization.

H-bridge Arduino Shield

The board is rated at 40 volts and 50 amps to control up to two-kilowatt loads. It has everything you needed—just add an Arduino and a power supply.

Key Features
   Standard Arduino Shield form factor outline
   A simple three-wire Arduino interface (PWM, Dir, and Enable)
   Thermal vias and heat-sinking
   EMI mitigation
   Easy connections with large screw terminals

   Max. load: 2 kW (40 V / 50 A)
   Load supply line: 8 V to 40 V
   Arduino input supply: 7 V to 18.5 V, 500 mA max.
   Logic-to-load isolation: 2.5 kV per UL 1577
   Rds On: 1.2 mΩ typ. each MOSFET
   Operating Temperature Range: -40 °C to 85 °C
   Dimensions: 2.1 in. by 2.7 in. (53.4 mm by 68.6 mm)

   Motor speed and direction control
   DC-to-AC invertors

Documentation and Arduino Libraries
You can download datasheets, manuals, and an Arduino demonstration program from our GitHub Repository.

In Stock
Shields are in stock for immediate delivery.

We demonstrated two Shields controlling an ebike motor and electric brake:

ALT023 Demo

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