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Datasheet Updates
V-Series Isolator datasheets have been updated for
VDE 0884-17 Reinforced Isolation, best-in-class 1.2 kVrms Working Voltage, and Intrinsically Safe certifications.

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VDE 0884-17 Reinforced Isolators
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NVE’s remarkable 6 kV “V-Series” isolators have always had best-in-class isolation voltage, Working Voltage, MTBF, and barrier resistance. And now they’re some of the first isolators certified for Reinforced Isolation under VDE 0884-17, the new “gold standard” for isolation.

Reinforced Isolators That Are Actually Reinforced
Other isolators use single-layer barriers made of flimsy oxide or cheap plastic. They claim “reinforced” by squeaking by on electrical tests, but that doesn’t make them reinforced. NVE’s unique isolation barrier uses a special polymer formulation reinforced with ceramic for the industry’s toughest barrier.

V-Series Isolator Construction
V-Series Isolator Construction
Intrinsically Safe
In addition best-in-class isolation, several V-Series part types are ATEX / IEC 60079 certified for IS-to-IS intrinsically safe applications.
The devices have a full 500 Vrms intrinsic safety rating, and unlike other isolators, they are rated for the full Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) range of 24 to 60 volts.
Best-in-Class Speed, Power, and EMI
You shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance for safety. NVE isolators have best-in-class performance including speed to 110 Mbps, low power, and virtually undetectable EMI emissions that will won’t run afoul of EMI standards.

True 8™ Package
NVE’s exclusive True 8™ package has true 8-millimeter creepage per IEC 60601 in a 16-pin JEDEC-compatible wide-body outline:
True 8 Package
Ordinary Package True 8™ Package

Key VDE 0884-17 specifications are:
  • Isolation voltage (Viso): 6 kVrms
  • Working voltage (Viorm): 1.2 kVrms
  • Surge immunity (Visom): 12.8 kVpk
  • Surge rating 8 kV 
  • Transient overvoltage (Viotm): 6 kVpk

Multiple Configurations; Good Availability
V-Series isolators are available in a full range of channel configurations with the shortest leadtimes in the industry:
Part Number
(click for
 Data Rate 
IL711VE 110 2/0
IL715VE 110 4/0
IL716VE 110 2/2
IL717VE 110 3/1
IL721VE 110 1/1
IL260VE 110 5/0
IL261VE 110 4/1
IL262VE 110 3/2
IL3522VE 40 RS-422 Transceiver
IL3585VE 40 RS-485 Transceiver
IL3685VE 40 RS-485/
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