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NEW! TMR Gear-Tooth Sensors
NVE introduced the world’s first practical non-inductive gear-tooth sensors 25 years ago, and is revolutionizing the market again with the world’s first Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) gear-tooth sensors.

NVE’s ABT-Series Gear-Tooth Sensors are versatile analog sensors, typically used with back-biasing magnets to encode the position of a ferrous gear:
ABT-Series Sensor Operation

The sensors have two channels to detect direction.

Key features include:
   • 0.001° resolution
   • Large analog peak-to-peak signals
   • Operating frequency to 350 kHz
   • 150 °C operating temperature

Applications include:
   • Motion, speed, and position sensing
   • Linear and rotational encoders
   • Closed-loop servo systems
   • Machine tools
   • Automotive sensors

Available Now

Four ABT-Series models are available to match a wide rage of gear pitches. All four are in stock for immediate delivery:
Gear Pitch
ABT250-00E 0.6 to 2 mm MSOP8
ABT375-00E 1 to 3 mm
ABT500-00E 1.3 to 4 mm
ABT600-00E  1.6 to 4.8 mm 

Demonstration Board
The AG972-07E Demonstration Board showcases rotational encoding to a few thousandth of a degree with an ABT375-00E sensor.

The kit includes:
   • A 3 by 5-inch (76 by 127 mm) PCB
   • An ABT375-00E gear tooth sensor
   • An eight-digit display with 0.001° resolution
   • Part #12216 ceramic bias magnet
   • Powered by two AAA batteries (included)

Here is a demonstration of the remarkable new sensors:
Download ABT-Series Datasheet »

Download the Demo Board Datasheet »
Video Demonstration »

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