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World’s Smallest DC-DC Convertor

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NEW! Evaluation Board for Transceiver With DC-DC Convertor
A new evaluation board lets you try out the IL4622E isolated transceiver with DC-DC convertor that was introducted in July.

The four- by three-inch (100 x 75 mm) board provides screw terminal and test point connections, and uses a 2s2p board with thermal vias for optimal thermal performance:

The IL4622E operates from a single 3.3-volt supply and provides 2.5 kV isolation and up to 16.5 kV bus ESD protection. It has a best-in-class 40 Mbps maximum data rate.
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NEW! Evaluation Board for I²C Magnetometer
A new evaluation board has everything you need to test and evaluate the easy-to-use SM228-10E I²C Smart Magnetometer. The kit includes:
• A 1" x 1.6" (25 mm x 41 mm) evaluation board with:
   - an SM228-10E sensor.
   - a microcontroller connected to the sensor via I2C.
   - a current-carrying trace under the sensor for evaluating as a current sensor.
• An LED indicating the state of the threshold output .
• A PWM board output for an analog representation of the measured magnetic field.
• A simple, intuitive graphical user interface.
• Simple software installation.
• USB cable to connect the Evaluation Board to a computer.
• A small ceramic magnet for evaluating as a proximity sensor.
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Isolator Operating Voltages
as Low as 2.5 V
NVE’s flagship IL7xx Isolators now have extended supply voltage specifications down to 2.7 volts, and five-channel IL2xx Isolators down to 2.5 volts. The new specifications provide more operating margins with 3.3-volt supplies. The IL7xx / IL2xx family is the industry’s “gold standard” for speed, size, barrier life, and EMI.
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