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AAK001 High-Field Sensor Datasheet
(a new datasheet; see story at right)
AFL-Series Magnetic Switch Datasheet
(added AFL006 ultrasensitive magnetic switch)

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for Labor Day.
NEW! High-Field Analog
Magnetometer Sensor
The new AAK001-14E is an analog magnetometer sensor for precise sensing of magnetic fields up to a remarkable 4 kOe (400 mT).

NVE’s proprietary Giant Magnetoresistive (GMR) technology provides precision over a wide field range without the complications of shielding. The sensors respond from zero field to 4 kOe, and are highly linear from 400 to 2500 Oe:
High-Field Sensor Demonstrataition

Demonstrating the new AAK001 with a BIG magnet.
In addition to accommodating high fields, the AAK001-14E is now our smallest analog sensor at just 1.1 by 1.1 mm.

Unique AAK001 features include:
  • Precise sensing of fields up to 4 kOe (400 mT)
  • Sensitive to any direction in the IC plane
  • Ratiometric Wheatstone bridge outputs
  • Any supply voltage up to 12 volts
  • 3.5 kΩ bridge for both low power and low output impedance
  • Ultraminiature 1.1 x 1.1 mm package
Applications include brushless DC motors, motor commutator sensors, noncontact high-current measurement, and other harsh industrial applications.

As shown below, we have a broad line of magnetometers for various field ranges, all in stock for immediate delivery:

Analog Magnetometer Sensors

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More Sensor Eval Kits in Webstore
More of our popular sensor evaluation kits are now available on our online store. There are now a baker’s dozen of kits, so there’s sure to be one for your magnetic sensor application:
  • AG001-01E: GMR Analog Sensor Evaluation Kit
  • AG003-01E: AA003 Current Sensor Evaluation Kit
  • AG040B: ADL021 Battery-Powered Nanopower Sensor Board
  • AG040C: ADL021 Externally-Powered Nanopower Sensor Board
  • AG910-07E: GMR Switch Evaluation Kit w/ZIF socket
  • AG911-07E: GMR Switch Evaluation Kit
  • AG920-07E: GT Sensor Evaluation Kit
  • AG921-07E: AKL002 Gear-Tooth Sensor Demonstrator
  • AG930-07E: AAT001 1.25 MΩ Angle Sensor Eval Kit
  • AG931-07E: AAT003 40 kΩAngle Sensor Evaluation Kit
  • AG932-07E: ADT002 Rotation Sensor Evaluation Kit
  • AG933-07E: AAT009 6 MΩ Angle Sensor Evaluation Kit
  • AG934-07E: AAT101 Full-Bridge Angle Sensor Evaluation Kit

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Website Upgrade
A new Website layout makes NVE’s award-winning technical videos more accessible and easier to search:

NVE Video Webpage
The informative and entertaining videos are organized in three categories covering magnetic technology and spintronic products:
  • Technology Overviews
  • Sensors
  • Isolators

Videos include animations, live demonstrations, and “Lab Results” benchmarks.

An upgraded video server means no buffering (at least from our end).

Many of the videos are also available on our YouTube Channel, which is organized into 14 playlists:
  • Spintronics Overviews
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • IsoLoop Isolators
  • Isolated Transceivers
  • Proximity Switches
  • Angle/Rotation Sensing
  • Rugged and Reliable
  • The Better Barrier Trilogy
  • Evaluation Boards
  • Lab Results
  • Arduino
  • Animated Videos
  • Demonstrations
  • Trade Shows
NVE engineers rigged a telescope projector in NVE's parking lot to capture the August 21 solar eclipse near its totality (about 80% in Eden Prairie, Minn.):

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