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GMR Sensor Demonstration
AA-Series GMR Analog Magnetic Field Sensor Demonstration
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Labor Day Job Fails
I worked as a chef, but I just didn’t have the thyme.

I worked at a deli, but any way I sliced it, I couldn’t cut the mustard.

I was a musician, but I just wasn’t noteworthy.

NVE will be closed Monday, September 5
for Labor Day.
NEW! New GMR Sensor Demo Board
In response to popular demand, we’re introducing a new demo board with our most popular sensor types: digital, analog, omnipolar, and bipolar.

The battery-powered board has four magnetic sensors driving indicator LEDs, with a small bar magnet so you can see for yourself how these remarkable sensors work:
AG940-07E Evaluation Board 
AG940-07E Demo Board
These are the four sensors included on the demo board:
Part Number
(click for more information)
ADL021-14E AD004-00E ADV001-00E AA006-00E
 Sensor Type 
Digital Digital Digital Analog
 Sensing 20 Oe
20 Oe
4 Oe
0 – 50 Oe
 Supply Range  2.4V–3.6V   2.4V–3.6V     2.4V–3.6V   0–24V
 Supply Current  0.08 mA 2 mA 2 mA    0.03 mA/V   
(30 kOhm
 Package  1.1 x 1.1 mm 
The new sensor demo board is in stock for immediate delivery. Or you can buy any of the sensors separately.
Buy Online 

A new video demonstrates the demo board, showing the size, sensitivitity, and power advantages of NVE’s unique GMR sensors:
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