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Document Updates
High Isolation Voltage Isolator Datasheets
(surge voltage rating increased to a best-in-class 10 kV)

AB-2: High Voltage Testing Standards Overview
(includes details on 10 kV surge testing)

AAV004-02E Isolated Current Sensor Datasheet Rev. C (isolation voltage spec increased to 2500 Vrms)

New NVE Directors
NVE shareholders elected two new Directors, Rich Kramp, former CEO of Synovis Life; and Gary Maharaj, CEO of SurModics, Inc. Both are tech-savvy engineers.

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Labor Day Jobs
I worked in a muffler shop, but that was exhausting.

I worked for a pool maintenance company,
but it was too draining.

I was a historian, but I couldn’t see a future in it.

I sold origami,
but the business folded.

I was a tailor, but I just wasn't suited for it.

Labor DayNVE will be closed Monday, September 1
for Labor Day.
Featured Products
Isolated RS-485 / RS-422 Bus Transceivers
A broad line of award-winning IsoLoop® isolated RS-485/RS-422 bus transceivers ensure you can find the right part for your application.

RS-485/RS-422 Bus Transceivers
Models provide up to 40 Mbps, 15 kV ESD protection, handshake channels, and fractional loads. Inputs can be digital or passive-input coils.
IsoLoop® Isolated RS485 Transceivers

Versions are available in 0.15-inch and 0.3-inch SOIC packages, making these the most compact solutions in the world while still meeting applicable creepage and clearance safety standards.

Rugged durability is the hallmark of IsoLoop Isolators, and all models have excellent EMC footprints, 50 kV/µs transient immunity, and virtually unlimited barrier life. V-Series versions have 5 kVrms isolation and 1 kVrms Working Voltage for the most demanding applications.

Parts are in stock for immediate delivery:

Part Number
(click for details)
 Bus   Mbps   Nodes   ESD 
Features Packages
IL3085 485 4 32 7 Cost Effective 0.15";
IL3522 422 40 50 15 Very High Speed  0.3 
IL3585 485 40 50 15 Very High Speed 0.15";
IL3685 485 40 50 15 PROFIBUS 0.15";
IL422 422 25 32 2 Industry Standard 0.3"
IL485 485 35 32 2 Industry Standard 0.3"
 IL485W 485 35 32 2 RS-485 + Handshake 0.3"
IL3122 422 5 32 15 Passive in; Low Cost 0.15";
IL3185 485 5 32 15 Passive in; Low Cost 0.15";
IL3222 422 5 256 15 Passive in; Fractional Load 0.15";
IL3285 485 5 256 15 Passive in; Fractional Load 0.15";
IL3422 422 20 32 15 Passive in; High Speed 0.15";
IL3485 485 20 32 15 Passive in; High Speed 0.15";

Evaluation boards are also available.

And coming soon, QSOP transceivers that are half the size of narrow-body transceivers and one-fourth the size of other isolators. Stay tuned for the details.
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Labor Day Application Corner
Labor-Saving Single-Chip
Isolated Transceivers

Labor Day is the perfect time to reduce design and manufacturing labor with isolated transceivers.

Isolated serial interfaces are often required for safety, and can improve data reliability by eliminating ground loops.

Conventional opto-isolated RS-485 circuits need separate transceiver and isolator chips. A Schmitt trigger is also required to condition slow slew rate opto-isolator edges before the transceiver. These design considerations mean a high component count board:

Components for conventional circuit
High labor content with a conventional isolated RS-485 circuit.

Single-chip isolated RS-485 transceivers dramatically reduce chip count.

As shown in the layout below, all that’s required are a isolated transceiver chip and two power supply decoupling capacitors. Bus termination resistors can be added to maximize speed and transmission length by reducing reflections, although they may not be necessary. Fail-safe resistors can also be added to ensure a known bus state with no active transceivers.

In any case you can save labor and money with IsoLoop® isolated RS-485/RS-422 bus transceivers.

IsoLoop single-chip isolated RS-485 transceiver
Isolated RS-485 chip cuts design and manufacturing labor.