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IL821 Top-of-the-Line Bidirectional Isolator
(see story at right)

IL814T Top-of-the-Line 3-Channel Isolator

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NEW!IL821T-3 Top-of-the-Line
Bidirectional Isolator

IL821T Top-of-the-Line Bidirectional IsolatorThe newest member of the groundbreaking IL800-Series Isolator family is a two-channel, bidirectional 8-pin SOIC8 isolator.

Bidirectional two-channel isolators are one of our most popular configurations, with applications including SPI, RS-422/RS-485, and H-bridge drivers.

The IL800-Series is the industry’s new top-of-the-line isolators with best-in-class specifications:
  • 125°C max. operating temperature
  • 110 Mbps
  • 10 ns propagation delay
  • DC-correct; deterministic power-up
  • 50 kV/µs typ.; 30 kV/µs min. transient immunity
  • VDE 0884 compliant—600 Vrms WV
  • 44000-year barrier life
  • Low EMC footprint
  • Industry standard SOIC8 package
The new IL821T-3E is in stock for immediate delivery, along with the previously-announced three-channel IL814T-3E.

Watch this space for more IL800-Series Isolators.

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Upcoming Exhibitions
Offshore Europe
IsoLoop distributor Rhopoint Components
will be exhibiting at the SPE 2013 Offshore and Gas Exhibition, September 3 to 6 in Aberdeen, Scotland. NVE T-Series High-Temperature Isolators operate at 125°C with no derating, and have been proven in the toughest downhole requirements.

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