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H-Bridge Controlled Pitch-Pipe Organ
Isolated H-Bridge Motor Control
Ultrahigh CMTI Isolators
Isolated DC-to-DC convertors
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Here’s a replay of our Webinar on isolated H-bridges:
And here’s the reference design bill of materials:
 Part # 
(click for datasheet)
ILDC13 3.3–6V Isolated
DC-DC Convertors
World’s smallest
DC-to-DC convertors
IL610CMTI Ultrahigh CMTI
>200 kV/µs CMTI;
Extended 3 6.6 V supply
(for high side drivers)
IL611CMTI Ultrahigh CMTI
2-ch. Isolator
Extended supply range
(for low side drivers)
Shortest Leadtimes
Despite Chipageddon supply-chain disruptions, NVE’s sensor and isolator leadtimes are among the shortest in the industry.

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Isolator Cross Reference
Find replacement isolators fast using our isolator Cross Reference. Better parts. Better leadtimes.

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