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NEW! Isolated Transceiver
for 3V RS-485
  IL3685P Transceiver
We’ve expanded our popular line of isolated transceivers with a part designed to work with next-generation RS-485 buses.

3.3 V buses
The new IL3685P is compatible with 3.3V buses, has 1/5 Unit Loading to support up to 160 nodes, and 16.5 kV bus ESD protection. It’s perfect for industrial control networks and DC-DC convertor-powered buses.

True 8 mm Creepage
The unique wide-body SOIC is JEDEC-compliant, but unlike other “wide” SOICs, it has true 8 mm creepage.

Exceptional Specifications
Key IL3685P features include:
  • 3.3 V Bus
  • 40 Mbps data rate
  • 1/5 unit load (supports up to 160 nodes)
  • 2500 V isolation
  • 44000 year barrier life
  • 16.5 kV bus ESD protection
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • -40 °C to +85 °C temperature range
  • VDE V 0884-11 and UL 1577 pending
  • 0.3" True 8™ mm 16-pin SOIC package

A Broad Product Line
In addition to the new IL3685P, NVE has the industry’s broadest line of RS-485 isolated transceivers, and all are in stock for immediate delivery:
(click for details)
 Mbps   Nodes  Bus
IL485 35 32 2 kV Legacy Standard 0.3" SOIC16
IL485W 35 32 2 kV  Handshake 
0.3" SOIC16
IL2985  4 50  15 kV  Low power 0.3" SOIC16
IL3085 4 32 15 kV Low Cost QSOP16;
0.15" SOIC16;
0.3" SOIC16
IL3585 40 50 15 kV Very High Speed 0.15" SOIC16;
0.3" SOIC16
IL3685 40 50 15 kV PROFIBUS QSOP16;
0.15" SOIC16;
0.3" SOIC16
IL3685V 40 50 15 kV 6kV isolation;
 0.15" SOIC16; 
0.3" SOIC16
40 160  16.5 kV  3V bus;
1/5 U.L
0.3" SOIC16
 Download IL3685P Datasheet »
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saw new smart sensors demonstrations.

Sensor+Test visitors learned about new smart sensors, angle sensors and noncontact current sensors.

New Gear-Tooth Sensing Web App
Our new gear-tooth sensing Web application lets you simulate applications of the popular ABL-Series Gear-Tooth Sensors:

GT sensing Web app
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