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NVE in the News
The introduction of the IsoLoop IL41050TA-3E low-power Isolated CAN Transceiver was covered in the July issue of the German publication WA3000 Industrial Automation.

The article is titled “CAN-Transceiver grüner und störfester” (“Tougher and Greener CAN Transceiver”).

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British Videos
UK Flag
In honor of the London Olympics, we’re featuring technical videos by Sandy, our animated British cartoon character.


Hailing from London, Sandy covers IsoLoop apps. Her hobbies include Van de Graaff generators and Halo 3.

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NEW!Isolated RS-485 Evaluation Board
An RS-485 “node in a bag,” the new RS-485 Evaluation Board provides a complete isolated RS-485 node based on the award-winning IL3585E isolated transceiver:

Isolated RS-485 Evaluation Board

Isolated RS-485 Evaluation Board

The evaluation board provides screw terminal and RJ45 connections, and demonstrates best layout practices. Termination, pull-up, and pull-down resistors can be changed to accommodate various fanouts and termination methods.

The RS-485 board joins NVE’s popular line of board-level products, including IL600-Series Isolator Evaluation Boards, IL700-Series Isolator Evaluation Boards, and a variety of Sensor Evaluation Kits.
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Applications Corner
Tips for Isolating RS-485
Isolating RS-485 reduces noise, eliminates ground loops, and improves safety. RS-485 networks aren't difficult if you keep a few tips in mind:
  • Keep stubs short
  • Use twisted-pair cable
  • Shielding for long or fast busses
  • Ground one end of the shield
  • Terminate bus ends
  • Bias for fail-safe
  • Use isolators, of course!

This technical video has more:
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