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Corporate Coverage
NVE was the subject of a feature article in RTTNews in July:

Despite a challenging economy, NVE achieved strong growth in fiscal 2010

Product Coverage
NVE’s Isolated CAN Transceivers and Current Sensor were both covered recently in the Danish trade publication Elektronik & Data.

Research Summit
NVE was one of two leading nanotech companies that met with U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar at the University of Minnesota Nanofabrication Center. The summit highlighted successful industry-university partnerships. <More>

Eden Prairie Top City
Home to NVE and other top companies, Eden Prairie, Minn. is the best place to live of America’s small cities. That’s according to the August Money magazine, which cited Eden Prairie’s “dynamite economy.”

Voicemail Playlist
Not your ordinary elevator music, our telephone system background music playlist highlights NVE technology.

The Network’s “Supermodel Robots” is currently playing. The tie-in is that NVE transceiver models (like the new IL41050T-3) network robots and industrial controls.
NEW! Product News
Narrow-Body Isolated CAN Transceiver
Best-in-Class EMC and Less Board Space


Half the size of the already tiny IL41050T, the IL41050T-3 Isolated CAN Transceiver comes in a JEDEC-standard 0.15" wide package. The remarkably small footprint minimizes board area and chip count for CAN and DeviceNet bus systems.

The high speed of both the IL41050T-3 and IL41050T maximizes data rate over any given bus length. Advanced features allow reliable bus operation. Unpowered nodes do not disturb the bus, and unique non-volatile programmability allows user-defined node power-up states to prevent unstable nodes.

Designed for harsh CAN and DeviceNet environments, IL41050T-3 and IL41050T transceivers have best-in-class EMC and transient immunity, -55 to +125°C operating range, transmit data dominant time-out, bus pin transient protection, thermal shutdown protection, and short-circuit protection. Unique edge-triggered inputs improve noise performance.

Both the wide-body and narrow-body package versions are in stock and available for same-day shipment, with no minimum order.

<Download IL41050T/IL41050T-3 Product Datasheet (.pdf)>

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Company News
ProductionNVE Expands Production

NVE is expanding to ensure we always have the capacity to meet our fast-growing sales. We recently increased our production space by about 40%.

Distributor News
Shanghai Channel
Shanghai Channel

Shanghai Channel Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
was recently appointed a franchised distributor for NVE sensors in China. Shanghai Channel has been an IsoLoop isolator distributor for some time.

Shanghai Channel’s Website has extensive information on NVE parts and applications in Chinese, and provides hotline applications support by native Mandarin Chinese speakers.

NVE products are available in more than 75 countries and our distributors speak countless languages.

<Sensor Distributor Network>

Application Corner
Isolated CAN Nodes
for EMC Compatibility
In Harsh Environments

By Sandy “The Bus” Templeton
Director, Isolator Product Development and Applications

If you’re struggling to get your CAN network to operate within EMC compliance standards like SAE J551, SAE J1113, EN50082 or EN6001, the bad news is things are only going to get tougher. As systems become more integrated, standards set the bar higher in order to reduce interference and maintain safety.

Isolated CAN

Isolated CAN Node

NVE IL41050T isolated CAN transceivers provide best-in-class transient immunity thanks to their unique Wheatstone Bridge construction. This allows your CAN network to operate in harsh EMI environments, while its very low emissions keep the EMC rating of your equipment on the good side of the regulators.