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Magnetic Field vs. Distance

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Revised Datasheets
Datasheets for NVE’s unique passive-input Isolators have been revised with detailed coil specifications and applications information based on your suggestions.


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NVE Chairman Terry Glarner was included in the recently-announced Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal 2012 Top 25 List of Hardest-working Directors.

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4th of July
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Analog Sensor Evaluation Kit
One of NVE’s most popular evaluation kits is the Analog Sensor Evaluation Kit.

The kit includes our most sensitive production sensor (the AAH002) and several other analog sensors, plus circuit boards for easy connections and an assortment of magnets:
Analog Sensor Evaluation Kit
    Part #      Qty  Description
AA002-02 2 15 Oe/5 kΩ Field Sensor
AAH002-02 1 6 Oe/2 kΩ Field Sensor
AAL002-02 1 15 Oe/5 kΩ Field Low Hysteresis Sensor
AA003-02 2 20 Oe/5 kΩ Field Sensor
AA004-02 2 50 Oe/5 kΩ Field Sensor
AA005-02 2 100 Oe/5 kΩ Field Sensor
AA006-02 2 50 Oe/30 kΩ Field Sensor
AB001-02 2 250 Oe/5 kΩ Field Gradient Sensor
AG004-06 2 Long PCB (3.0" x 0.3")
AG005-06 2 Square PCB (0.5"x 0.5")
SN 12031 2 Ceramic 5 Disc Magnets
SN 12030 2 Ferrite Rectangular magnets

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From the Applications Desk
Magnetic Field Versus Magnet Distance  
A common question on our sensor applications desk is magnetic field strength versus distance from a permanent magnet.

We know that as a magnet moves farther from a sensor, the output decreases. More precisely, close to the magnet face, the magnet is like a monopole, so the field drops off with the square of the distance. Farther from the face, the field decreases with the cube of the distance.

It’s difficult to predict the exact relationship theoretically. NVE offers a flux density calculation spreadsheet for calculating the magnetic field intensity from disk or bar magnets at various distances.

Many customers select sensors, magnets, and spacing experimentally. The AG001-01 Analog Sensor Evaluation Kit (see story above) is popular for those experiments.

With a high-sensitivity sensor, the field from a 0.312" diameter ceramic magnet can be reliably detected to about 1.5" away, but most practical applications use spacings of a fraction of an inch. High sensitivity sensors provide more signal.

For a demonstration of field strength versus distance, see this new technical video:
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