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GMR Overview VideoNVE's entertaining and highly-acclaimed technical videos are now in a faster, more compatible format. If you had trouble watching them before, try them now.

Recent Exhibitions
NVE distributor HY-LINE Sensor-Tech showed NVE sensors and isolators at Sensor+Test in June. GMR Switch Precision Digital Sensors were especially popular.

Fun Fact
A lot of nerve...
Nerve Cell
IsoLoop Isolators are more than 10,000 times faster than electrical synapses, the fastest known links between nerve cells (10 ns typical propagation delay for IL700-Series Isolators compared to 200 µs synaptic delay for an electrical synapse).
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Independence Day
4th of July
NVE will be closed Monday, July 4.
Featured Product
Narrow-Body SOIC-16 Isolators
Think Thin!
The world’s densest isolators, IsoLoop “Dash Three” Isolators provide a full line of unique 0.15", narrow-body SOIC-16 isolators—half the size of other isolators.

Thin SOIC Package
Like all IsoLoop Isolators, these products feature minimal signal distortion, wide temperature range, low power consumption, and unlimited life. Narrow-body isolators are available in a variety of input, output, and channel configurations, as well as a full line of isolated RS-485/RS-422/PROFIBUS transceivers.

Key narrow-body isolator features include:
  • 0.15", 16-pin SOIC
  • Passive or digital inputs
  • Three, four, or five channels or isolated RS-422/RS-485
  • IEC 61010-2001 approved
  • 125°C (IL700T-Series)

Nearly 20 Dash Three part types are in stock and available for immediate delivery with no minimum order:

Input Key Features Max.
IL514-3 2 2/1 Digital DC correct;
Output Enable
IL515-3 2 4/0 Digital DC correct;
Output Enable
IL516-3 2 2/2 Digital DC correct 85C
IL613-3 100 3/0  Passive  85C
IL614-3 100 2/1 Passive One Output Enable 85C
IL715-3 110 4/0 Digital 100C
IL716-3 110 2/2 Digital 100C
IL717-3 110 3/1 Digital 100C
IL715T-3 110 4/0 Digital High Temperature 125C
IL716T-3 110 2/2 Digital High Temperature 125C
IL717T-3 110 3/1 Digital High Temperature 125C
IL260-3 110 5/0 Digital Five Channel 85C
IL261-3 110 4/1 Digital Five Channel 85C
IL262-3 110 3/2 Digital Five Channel 85C
IL3122-3 5 RS-422 Passive 32 nodes;
15 kV Bus ESD
IL3185-3 5 RS-485 Passive 32 nodes;
15 kV Bus ESD
IL3222-3 5 RS-422 Passive Fractional Load
(256 nodes)
IL3285-3 5  RS-485  Passive Fractional Load
(256 nodes)
IL3422-3 20 RS-422 Passive 32 nodes;
15 kV Bus ESD
 IL3485-3  20 RS-485 Passive 32 nodes;
15 kV Bus ESD
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Application Corner
Power Supplies Declare Independence
Power supplies need their independence, and IsoLoop Isolators can isolate and level-shift between components on different supplies.

The figure below shows a common application using an IL717 to isolate and level-shift data from a 5-volt powered sensor and ADC to a 3.3 V logic controller:

Isolated Sensor / ADC Application
Isolating Independent Power Supplies

Isolation keeps the two power supplies independent with separate digital and analog ground current paths. This eliminates ground loops, minimizes noise, and improves measurement accuracy.

IL700/IL200-Series Isolators are available in a variety of configurations with up five channels per device. Versions are available in NVE’s unique, ultra-dense 0.15" narrow-body SOIC package (see featured products above).

So use isolation and declare your independence.

<More Level Shifting Info (.pdf; Application Bulletin No. 4)>

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