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IL600-Series Opto Replacement Isolators
No Optos!

The award-winning IL600 and IL600A Passive-Input Isolators provide unique passive inputs for flexibility similar to LED-input optocouplers.

Popular IL600/IL600A Series applications include isolated
PLCs, serial interface receivers, wired-OR controls, and level-shifting interfaces such as the example in the Application Corner.

Key product features are:
  • Failsafe operation
  • DC correct
  • 5 mA input current
  • No carrier or clock for low EMI emissions and susceptibility
  • 3.3 V or 5 V supply
  • UL 1577 recognized; IEC 60747-5-5 (VDE 0884) certified
  • 44000-year barrier life
  • PDIP, SOIC8, SOIC16N, SOIC16W, and unique MSOP8
All part types are in stock and available for same-day shipment, with no minimum order:
 Output  Packages
IL610 100 1 0 CMOS Bare die, MSOP-8, SOIC-8, PDIP-8
IL610A 10 1 0 Open-drain Bare die, MSOP-8, SOIC-8, PDIP-8
IL611 100 2 0 CMOS CMOS MSOP-8, SOIC-8, PDIP-8
IL611A 10 2 0 Open-drain CMOS MSOP-8, SOIC-8, PDIP-8
IL612 100 1 1 CMOS SOIC-8, PDIP-8
 IL612A  10 1 1 Open-drain SOIC-8, PDIP-8
IL613 100 3 0 CMOS 0.15" SOIC-16, 0.3" SOIC-16
IL614 100 2 1 CMOS 0.15" SOIC-16, 0.3" SOIC-16
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Recent Exhibitions
PCIM Europe
NVE products were on display at PCIM Europe
in May. The company highlighted new IL800-Series Top-of-the-Line Isolators and QSOP Isolators.
Upcoming Exhibitions
NVE sensors will be on display at Sensor+Test 2014 June 3 to 5 in Nürnberg, Germany. NVE will exhibit in cooperation with distributor IS-LINE.

An NVE engineer will be at the exhibition to meet customers and answer questions.
Applications Corner
Isolated ECL and PECL Interfaces
Unique passive inputs and true 100 Mbps speed make IL600-Series Isolators ideal for isolating Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL / NECL) or Positive Emitter Coupled Logic (PECL) circuits.

In addition to providing isolation, IL600-Series Isolators can level shift ECL signals to interface to other types of logic.

Here’s an example:

Isolated ECL Interface
Isolated ECL Interface
The impedance of the two isolator input coils in parallel will be close to 50 ohms, so current limiting resistors on the isolator inputs aren’t needed.

R1 and R2 are selected to provide enough current to switch the PECL gate without exceeding the maximum isolator output current.

The circuit is drawn for PECL, but for NECL one merely needs to ground pin 8 and connect pin 5 to the negative supply.