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June 2010
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NVE was featured in TheStreet as one of three fast-growth semiconductor companies. TheStreet also lists NVE as one of five “best-in-breed” of the semiconductor industry.
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Fun Fact
Good Isolators

Lightning Bolt
IsoLoop Isolators—
even MSOPs—
have demonstrated the ability to withstand a remarkable 800 Vac or 1,130 Vdc between the input and output pins indefinitely without damage (“the endurance voltage”).
That’s the equivalent of 753 D-cells, which would make a flashlight 150 feet long.
For more information, see “From the Application Desk” at right.

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Currently playing on our phone system background is the theme music from “Speed,” the 1994 movie.

The theme highlights the remarkable speed of NVE Isolators.

The background music is selected to complement the benefits of NVE products (see the playlist).
Recent Shows

PCIM EuropePCIM Europe and Sensor + Test were both last month in Germany.

Sensor+TestNVE distributors HY-LINE Power Components and HY-LINE Sensor-Tech showed NVE sensors and isolators. The new IL41050 Isolated CAN Transceivers and AAT-Series Angle Sensors were particular hits.

Featured Product

Wide-Body SOIC-16 Isolators
SOIC-16 Isolators
A full eight millimeter external creepage distance for the most demanding high-voltage performance. IsoLoop Isolators offer a full product line in wide-body SOIC packages, providing 2,500 Vrms isolation voltage, 300 Vrms working voltage, and 800 Vrms endurance voltage (see “From the Applications Desk” below).

Wide-body isolators are available in a variety of input, output, and channel configurations, as well as a full line of isolated RS-485/RS-422/PROFIBUS transceivers. Key features include:

  • 0.3"-Wide SOIC-16
  • 8 mm External Creepage Distance
  • 3, 4, or 5 Channels, or RS
  • Passive or Digital Inputs
  • CMOS or Open-drain Outputs
  • Up to 125°C (T-Series)
  • UL1577 / IEC 61010-2001

More than 25 wide-body SOIC isolators part types are currently in stock and available for immediate delivery with no minimum order:

InputKey Features Max.
IL51422/1DigitalDC correct; Output Enable85C
IL51524/0DigitalDC correct; Optional Ext. Clock85C
IL51622/2DigitalDC correct85C
IL6131003/0 Passive 85C
 IL6141002/1PassiveOutput Enable85C
IL7151104/0DigitalOutput Enable100C
IL715T1104/0DigitalHigh Temperature125C
IL716T1102/2DigitalHigh Temperature125C
IL717T1103/1DigitalHigh Temperature125C
IL2601105/0DigitalFive Channel85C
IL2611104/1DigitalFive Channel85C
IL2621103/2DigitalFive Channel85C
IL31225RS-422Passive32 nodes; 15 kV Bus ESD85C
IL31855RS-485Passive32 nodes; 15 kV Bus ESD85C
IL32225RS-422PassiveFractional Load (256 nodes)85C
IL32855RS-485PassiveFractional Load (256 nodes)85C
IL342220RS-422Passive32 nodes; 15 kV Bus ESD85C
IL348520RS-485Passive32 nodes; 15 kV Bus ESD85C
IL42225RS-422DigitalIndustry Standard85C
IL48535RS-485DigitalIndustry Standard85C
 IL485W 35RS-485DigitalRS-485 + handshake85C
IL352240RS-422 DigitalVery High Speed85C
IL358540RS-485DigitalVery High Speed85C
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From the Application Desk
Real-world questions from the NVE Application Desk
By Sandy “Volt” Templeton
Director, Isolator Product Development and Applications

Q. I know the isolation voltage for most IsoLoops is 2,500 Vrms for one minute, but what can they withstand continuously?

A. The maximum voltage that can be applied between the input and output pins of an isolator indefinitely without damage is called “endurance voltage.” Endurance voltage is typically not specified in data sheets and may be the least well-known high-voltage specification. Nevertheless, it is useful in applications where the isolators are not subject to line voltage transients. The endurance voltage for IsoLoop Isolators has been determined to be 800 Vrms based on qualification testing.

This battery management system for measuring the voltage of each battery cell of a DC to AC inverter illustrates an application where endurance voltage is important:

Isolated Battery Management System Isolated Battery Management System
The last isolation stage is a full 300 V above the controller ground, so the isolator is subject to 300 V between inputs and outputs.

Because the isolators have an endurance voltage of 800 Vrms, or 1,130 Vpeak, the isolators can be expected to withstand up to 1,130 Vdc indefinitely, and will easily withstand the voltages in the circuit above.

<More Info (.pdf; Application Bulletin No. 18)>