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June 2009
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Awards & Accolades
NVE was named one of the fastest-growing public companies in Minnesota in the 2009 rankings by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal released in May.

The 2009 list includes companies of all sizes; NVE was also included in the 2008 list of Fastest-Growing Small Public Companies.
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Fun Fact
  layers in NVE devices are in the range of several nanometers thick, nearly a million times thinner than a penny. If a copper penny were rolled to the thickness of the layers, it would be about 10 miles in diameter and twice the area of Eden Prairie, Minn.
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Product News

New Isolator Catalog
Isolator Catalog
Eight pages chock full of important isolator information and illustrative applications, the IsoLoop Short-Form Catalog has just been updated. Revision H reflects recent specification improvements. The popular catalog is indispensable for everyone who specifies or purchases isolators.
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Isolators In the News
Electronic Supply
The advantages of NVE IsoLoop isolators over conventional devices were summarized in an article in the May 20, 2009 issue of the Danish magazine Electronic Supply. The article was written by Henrik Eilers of Rhopoint Nordic Aps.
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Recent Trade Shows

Embedded Technology 2008
The Sensor/Test exhibition wrapped up May 28 in Nüremberg, Germany. Our thanks to everyone at NVE and our distributor HY-LINE Sensor-Tech who helped make the exhibition a great success.
Application Corner

Isolated Synchronous Rectification

By Sandy Templeton
Director, Isolator Product Development and Applications

Intelligent DC-DC Converter With Synchronous Rectification
Intelligent DC-DC Converter With Synchronous Rectification

A typical primary-side controller uses a IL511, IL611, or IL711 isolator to drive the synchronous rectification signals from primary side to secondary side.

IsoLoop pulse-width distortion as low as 0.3 ns typical minimizes MOSFET dead time and maximizes system efficiency.

Ultra-small isolator packages (including unique two-channel MSOP-8s), allow the designer to squeeze more into less board area.

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