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High-Sensitivity Magnetic Sensor Demo for
2016 Sensor+Test Fair
Rotation Sensor
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Tomato-Powered Angle Sensor
Bipolar Latching Magnetic Proximity Sensor Demonstration
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Memorial Day
Memorial DayNVE will be closed May 30 for Memorial Day.
Featured Product
ADV001 Latching Bipolar Sensor 
The ADV001 rotation sensor is an ultrasensitive bipolar magnetic proximity switch that allows two travel limits with just one sensor.

Unlike more common “omnipolar” sensors, with the bipolar sensor, a north field on the pin 1 side latches the sensor on. The sensor stays on after the field is removed, and a south field turns it off:

Bipolar vs. Omnipolar Sensors

This allows two travel limits with a single sensor by using a north magnet for one position limit and a south magnet in the other:

ADV001 Typical Application

This is a common requirement for many applications such as robotics, machine tools, or garage doors:

Key ADV001 features include:
  • Bipolar operation
  • Extremely sensitive (4 Oe operate points)
  • Digital output
  • Frequency response to >100 kHz
  • MSOP8 or TDFN6 packages
Parts are in stock and available for same-day shipment, with no minimum order.
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Upcoming Exhibitions
ESECEmbedded Systems Expo & Conference (ESEC), May 11 to 13, Tokyo, Japan.

NVE distributor KKRocky will demonstrate NVE sensors and isolators.

PCIM EuropePower Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM),
May 10 to 12, Nürnberg, Germany.
Download Free Registration Coupon Courtesy HY-LINE Power >

NVE Isolators will be on display at the HY-LINE Power booth and sensors will be at the IS-LINE booth. Unique featured products will include six-kilovolt isolators.
More Information >
Sensor+Test 2016, May 10 to 12, Nürnberg, Germany.
Free Pass Courtesy IS-LINE >

NVE sensors will be on display in cooperation with distributor IS-LINE. NVE engineers will demonstrate our high-sensitivity magnetic sensors:

New Video
Bipolar Sensor Demonstration 
This live demonstration uses an ADV001 bipolar sensor, a stepper motor linear cylinder, and Arduino control to show two travel limits using just one sensor.

We also show the large distances possible between the sensor and magnets with the ADV001’s extraordinary magnetic sensitivity.

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