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    April 1, 2021 April  Fool’s  News  From  NVE
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Ultra-high “Common Mole Incisor Immunity”
4/1/21—Our new IL6xxCMTI Ultrahigh Common-Mode Transient Immunity Isolators, with up to 350 volts/nanosecond CMTI make for bug-free power-control without pesky noise immunity holes.
If you also need to prevent pesky vermin from gnawing circuit boards, this April 1 we’re introducing the new GOPHER-0 Controller.
The new part eliminates the ground loops where pests hide.

It features a Python-based mouse control interface with a castor oil ultrastink generator:
GOPHER-0 Controller
Other key specifications include:
  • 350 voles/second Common Mole Incisor Immunity (CMII)
  • 110 mega-bites per second
  • 6 kill-o-voles isolation
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