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COVID-19 Update
NVE continues to operate normally as a Critical Sector business under Minnesota’s Stay at Home Order.

We are operating with necessary precautions to protect our employees and visitors. Our Contingency Planning Team is closely monitoring the situation, especially the health of our workforce and the status of at-risk suppliers.

Sales and technical support are fully staffed to assist you.

As a precaution for contingencies, we are maintaining large inventories of raw materials and finished goods, and virtually all of our part types are in stock.
A Leading Line of Smart Magnetometers
NEW!NVE has a full line of smart magnetometers and smart angle sensors.

NVE’s smart sensors combine the precision and high sensitivity of our industry-leading GMR/TMR sensors with sophisticated digital signal processing to create devices with unparalleled accuracy. This allows precision magnetic sensing with lower part counts and faster development cycles than ever before.

The parts are ideal for mechatronics, robotics, and automotive applications.
Sensors and evaluation kits for all of the parts listed below are available now for immediate delivery:

SM-Series Smart Magnetometers
Part No. Tech-
Spd Range I/O Fea-
SM124-10E GMR
5% 10 kSps 0 to 1 mT I²C;
Digital Thresh-old
imity Sensing
SM125-10E 0 to 4 mT
SM225-10E TMR
1% 10 kSps -10 to +10 mT SPI Prox-
imity or Current Sensing
SM324-10E TMR
0.3% 300 Sps -2 to +2 mT I²C;
Digital Thresh-old
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Redesigned Online Store
Following our main Website redesign now our popular Online Store has been redesigned with bold new look, links to design resources, and easier navigation.

It’s a great place to buy NVE sensors and isolators, with no minimum order, more than 99% of the parts in stock, and inexpensive flat-rate shipping:

Redesigned Website
Upcoming Exhibitions
PCIM EuropePower Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM),
which was originally scheduled for May 5 to 7, has been rescheduled for July 28 to 30 in Nürnberg, Germany. NVE distributor Hy-Line Power Components (stand 9-419) will display our products. 
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