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    April 1, 2015 Electrifying  News  From  NVE
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5 kV Five-Channel Isolators

Moving Up

NVE moved up to number 75 from number 84 in this year’s recently-published Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal ranking of Minnesota’s 100 largest public companies by revenue.

The move up was driven by a strong revenue increase in 2014.

Earth Day April 22
NVE is committed to the safety, health, and protection of people and the environment.

For more information, visit our Environmental and Social Governance page
Foolproof, Ridiculously Small
Isolated CAN Transceivers
Are Crazy Simple
IL41050TA-1E Isolated QSOP CAN TransceiverFoolproof CAN transceivers are smaller than ever with the new IL41050TA-1E QSOP Isolated CAN Transceiver.

Designed for harsh CAN environments, the part has a -55 to +125C operating range, bus pin transient protection, thermal shutdown protection, short-circuit protection, transient immunity of 50 kV/s, and isolation resistance of 1014 ohms. All in a 4 mm x 5 mm QSOP16 package.

The IL41050TA isolated CAN transceiver
The nearly foolproof IL41050TA isolated CAN transceiver
Unique edge-triggered inputs improve noise performance. IL41050 transceivers are IEC 60747-5-5 (VDE 0884) certified and rated for a remarkable 600 working volts.

Wide- and narrow-body SOIC-16 versions are also available, so it would be foolish not to use these parts.

  IL41050TA data sheet (.pdf)
 CAN Isolation (02:02)

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NEW! Greek Translation Couplers
April 1—NVE isolators have always been ideal for translating data protocols like RS-422, RS-485, PROFIBUS, and CAN.

Last April 1 we introduced Mandarin, German, and New Zealand translators.

A New Product
This April 1 we’re launching a Greek data translator in cooperation with NVE distributor IS-POWER, which covers Greece and southern Europe.

Part Layout
Pin numbers are Greek letters and pin descriptions are Greeked out, which causes some confusion hooking up the parts. However, we're told if you drink enough Ouzo, the labeling starts to make sense.

Greek Data Translator
The Greek Data Translator
(part # ILDT4-1-GR)

Pricing and Currency
The new parts are priced in Euros, but we don’t know for how long. The NVE accounting department has graciously agreed to accept Drachma when the Ionian Sea freezes over.
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