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   April 1, 2013 Electrifying  News  From  NVE
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New Documents
AB-3: IsoLoop Package and Pad Layout Specifications
In addition to JEDEC standards, NVE isolator packages have unique creepage specifications. NVE also recommends pad layouts that avoid compromising isolator creepage.

New Dowloads
Isolator IBIS models are winging their way onto NVE’s Website. Used in design simulations, they’ll help your products fly to market with no fowled-up designs.

Earth Day April 22
Virtually all NVE sensors and isolators are available in REACH/ RoHS/ WEEE-compliant lead-free packages.

Many parts are also available in tin-lead versions for customers who need tin-lead reliability or solderability.
NEW!April 1 Product Introduction
April 1—You probably know that NVE makes magnetic sensors and isolators that are smaller, faster, and more Magnetic Braceletprecise than conventional devices. But for one day only (April 1), NVE will also be selling healthful magnetic bracelets*.

The bracelets’ magnetic field aligns the electrical fields in nerves, which causes the sympathetic nervous system to increase blood circulation**. A soothing NVE blue tint calms the mind and aids concentration.***

Research shows engineers who use magnetic bracelets and parts have better, more reliable circuits, and more successful than careers other engineers. It might be the bracelets, or it might be award-winning parts with a smaller footprint and unsurpassed precision.****
*Our engineers’ idea of an April Fools’ joke. We aren’t really selling bracelets. But we do sell magnets if you want to build your own.

**We couldn't find supporting research for this.

***There’s a bit of research on this, but it probably takes a lot more blue.

****We’re pretty sure it’s the parts, not the bracelets.

Recent Exhibitions

Embedded World 2013
IsoLoop distributor HY LINE Power Components exhibited at the Embedded World exhibition recently in Nuremberg, Germany. Isolated Bus Transceivers are popular in embedded applications.
April 1—Congratulations to NVE video star Jayne for winning the Academy Award® in the new “technical videos” category. Jayne beat out fellow NVE star Daniela.
Jayne at NVE Corp.
Daniela at NVE Corp.
A cat fight erupted between the two divas at NVE Studios. Daniela, who is not known for humility, called Jayne “cartoonish and wooden.” “Stiff and monotonic” was the retort. It was downhill from there.

There was no controversy, however, about the technical video Razzie®. That was shared by all those videos with middle-aged men in bad Polo shirts from big, slow, semiconductor companies.

The NVE divas are also arguing about who gets the most clicks, so view one of their award-winning videos to register your click.
April Fool’s Application Corner

Foolproof Interface IC
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Has it been another year of short-circuited outputs, reverse power supplies, and thermal overload?

The unique NVE DB002-02 signal processing IC makes sensor systems virtually foolproof.

The eight-pin SOIC works with almost any current sourcing or CMOS/TTL output sensor, including, of course, NVE’s popular AD1xx-Series magnetic switches.

The DB002-02 provides a sourcing or sinking output up to 300 mA. Integrated transient protection makes the circuit especially useful for driving capacitive or inductive loads. A typical circuit is illustrated below:

DB002 Illustrative Circuit  
The LED is driven with 3 mA when the output is on. Short-circuit shutdown delay is set by the 1 nF capacitor.
DB002-02 Data Sheet (.pdf) >
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