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5 kV Five-Channel Isolators (see story at right)

An article highlighting the advantages of IsoLoop Isolators in Switch Mode Power Supplies was recently published in Electronic Specifier Power.

Isolation technology increases density and reliability...
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Spring Forward
Spring Forward
 Saving Time
begins Sunday, March 8. Set your clocks forward an hour.

It’s also a good time to check smoke detectors and prepare for Pi Day (see story at right
NEW!5 kV Five-Channel Isolators

Five-Channel IsoLoop® IL200-Series Isolators are now available in 5 kV isolation/1 kV Working Voltage versions.

5kV Isolators

Parts are available with 5/0, 4/1, and 3/2 channel configurations.

With the five-channel parts, NVE now offers high-voltage
V-Series two, four, and five channel data couplers, as well as
RS-485, RS-422, and PROFIBUS transceivers.

Key V-Series specifications include:
  • 5 kVrms isolation (1 minute) per UL 1577
  • 1 kVrms Working Voltage (line voltage) per VDE 0884-10
  • >1014 ohm barrier resistance
  • Wide-body packages with True 8 mm creepage
All the 5 kV isolators are in stock for immediate delivery.

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New Video
GMR Switch Demonstration Video
NVE Vice President for Sensors Jay Brown shows how GMR Switches compare to Hall effect and AMR sensors.

There’s a live demonstration with three sensors, a magnet, and no tricks.

(SPOILER ALERT: The GMR Switches are smaller, more sensitive, and lower power than the other sensors.)

Embedded World
Embedded World 2015
Distributor HY-LINE Power Components showed IsoLoop isolators at the recent Embedded World exhibition in Nürnberg, Germany. There was strong interest in NVE isolators, particular for I²C and SPI.
Pi Day Applications
In honor of Pi Day 3/14/15, here’s the
Biot-Savart Law calculation for current-induced
magnetic field:

The equation can be used to calculate the field due to current through a circuit board trace. With this information, NVE AA-Series analog magnetic sensors can measure current.

Download the Current Measurement Application Bulletin for more information.
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