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March 2010
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Revised Isolator Catalog
Isolator Catalog
The popular IsoLoop Short-Form Catalog was recently updated and includes new products such as the CAN isolators featured in the story at right.

Chock full of isolator information and illustrative applications, the catalog is essential for everyone who specifies or purchases isolators.
<Download the Catalog>

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The tie-in is that CAN network isolation is easier than ever with new NVE products (see stories at right).

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New CAN Isolators
NEW! IL41050 Isolated
CAN Transceiver

Compared to discrete transceivers and optocouplers, the IL41050 isolated Controller Area Network (CAN) transceiver has improved performance and reduced chip count.IL41050

High speed maximizes data rate over any given bus length. Advanced features allow reliable bus operation. Unpowered nodes do not disturb the bus, and unique non-volatile programmability allows user-defined node power-up states to prevent unstable nodes.

Designed for harsh CAN and DeviceNet environments, IL41050T transceivers have a -55 to +125°C operating range, transmit data dominant time-out, bus pin transient protection, thermal shutdown protection, and short-circuit protection. Unique edge-triggered inputs improve noise performance.

The IL41050T is available now in a wide-body SOIC package, and a narrow-body version will be available in the second quarter.
<Download IL41050 Product Datasheet (.pdf)>

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NEW! IL721 CAN Isolator
Like the IL712, the IL721 is IL721ideal for isolating stand-alone CAN transceivers. The new IL721 bidirectional isolator is similar to the popular IL712, but with a reversed channel configuration to better suit certain board layouts.

Both the IL721 and IL712 have best-in-class 10 ns typical propagation delay. This minimizes CAN loop delay and maximizes data rate over any given bus length. Both are UL and IEC approved.

All part types and variants, including unique MSOPs, are available for same-day shipment, with no minimum order and flat-rate shipping:
IL712 IL712 100°C MSOP-8,
IL712T 125°C MSOP-8,
IL721 IL721 100°C SOIC-8
IL721T 125°C SOIC-8

<Download IL712/IL721 Product Datasheet (.pdf)>

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Application Corner
CAN Isolation
By Sandy “CAN do” Templeton
Director, Isolator Product Development and Applications

In today’s CAN networks, node-to-node isolation is increasingly recommended by designers to reduce EMI susceptibility, especially in high-speed applications and Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Isolation allows higher speed and more reliable CANbus operation by eliminating ground loops and reducing susceptibility to noise and EMI.

In high-voltage BMS, isolation enhances operator and equipment safety.

In the illustrative application below, an IL712 or IL721 isolates a stand-alone CAN transceiver from a microcontroller:

Isolated CAN

An IL41050 single-chip isolated CAN transceiver simplifies the circuit even more:

Isolated CAN