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Testing V-Series Isolators for Best-in-Class 6 kV RMS Isolation
Testing IL7xx Isolators for Best-in-Class CMTI
Isolators for On-Board Battery Charging
High-Resolution Magnetometer ADCs

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NEW! Demonstrating Best-in-Class
IL7xx Isolator Specifications
Best-in-class features of NVE’s award-winning IL700-Series Isolators include:
  • Best-in-class 100 kV/µs CMTI
  • Best-in-class 6 kVrms isolation*
  • Best-in-class 44000-year barrier life
  • MSOP8 (world’s smallest isolators), SOIC8, QSOP16, or SOIC16
*V-Series versions

New live video demonstrations, starring High-Voltage Test Engineer Steve Schablitsky, highlight the CMTI and isolation voltage advantages.

Best-in-Class Isolation Voltage
We demonstrate the best-in-class 6 kVrms isolation voltage of NVE V-Series isolators, and show how they are tested to the most rigorous standards.

VDE 0884 Method B1 is used, which is how 100% of the parts are tested, and IEC 60747-17, the newest and most stringent standard, which prohibits any pauses or ramps between test phases:

Best-in-Class CMTI
High CMTI means the isolators can support the speed without spurious switching, which is especially important in high-voltage, high-efficiency power conversion.

Here we show the test method for dynamic CMTI testing and IL700 isolators’ remarkable 100 kV/µs minimum CMTI specification:
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