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(Includes IL41050TT CAN transceiver and more 6 kV Isolators).

NVE researchers presented two papers at the recent MMM-Intermag Conference:

Dr. Maria Torija presented, “GMR-based Salmonella Detection System: approaching one CFU detection.”

Dr. Joseph Davies’ paper was “Domain Wall Chirality in Exchange Spring Co/Pd Multilayers.”

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Open President's Day
NVE will be open normally on President's Day, Monday, February 15.
Application Corner
Digital Speed and Direction Signals  

A quad comparator and flip-flop can be used for precise digital speed and direction signals for Angle Sensors or Gear-Tooth Sensors:

Digital Speed and Direction Signals for Angle Sensors or Gear-Tooth Sensors

Direction is determined by detecting the phasing between the two outputs. The “Speed” output is one cycle per revolution for AAT-Series Angle Sensors and one cycle per tooth for ABL-Series Gear-Tooth Sensors.

For Angle Sensors, the “Speed” output switches at 45 and 225 degrees. Low-power components and large resistors can be used to minimize power consumption for low-power applications such as AAT001 interfaces.
Upcoming Exhibitions
Embedded World
Isolator distributor HY LINE Power Components is exhibiting at the Embedded World exhibition, February 23 to 25 in Nuremberg, Germany in Hall 1 / Stand 170. IsoLoop Isolated Bus Transceivers are popular for embedded applications.

NEW!New YouTube Playlists
YouTubeTwo new YouTube playlists provide live demonstrations of NVE products.


Arduino Video
With their high sensitivity and wide airgap tolerances, NVE sensors are ideal for Arduino applications. These videos demonstrate Arduino interfaces to analog, digital, and angle sensors.

“Lab Results”

“Lab Results” Video
Quantitative measurement demonstrations of key sensor and isolator metrics highlight exceptional sensitivity and precision of NVE sensors, and the speed, signal fidelity, and rugged barriers of NVE isolators.

Look for cameos by Rufus, the black lab.
Because it’s lab results. And he’s a lab.
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