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Groundhog Day

Breaking news this morning as weather-reading groundhog Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring and an end to ground noise. “Even groundhogs hate groundloops,” said the famous rodent’s statement. “So use isolators.”

Presidents Day

“NVE has great sensorization and isolatorism.”
  —George W. Bush

“Persistence cannot take the place of magnetoresistance.”
  —Calvin Coolidge

“Read my lips:
no new opto-
coupler designs.”

  —George H. W. Bush

“Speak softly, carry a big stick, and use low-jitter isolators to avoid distortion at those low audio levels.”
  —Theodore Roosevelt

Fun Facts
Diamonds Are Forever, and So Are IsoLoops

Diamonds are forever, and IsoLoop Isolators come pretty close.

Based on life tests, the calculated FIT is 0.2 failures per billion hours at 55°C, which is an MTBF of 570,000 years.

For details and test reports, contact our Isolator Application Desk.

Voicemail Playlist
In a musical tip of the akubra to our new Australian distributor (see story at right), our telephone background music is the iconic “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.”
Featured Products
IL600-Series Opto Replacement Isolators
No Optos!
The award-winning IL600 and IL600A Passive-Input Isolators provide unique passive inputs for flexibility similar to LED-input optocouplers.

Key features are:
  • Unlimited Life
  • MSOP Packages Available
  • Failsafe Output
  • 3.3 V or 5 V Power Supply
  • -40°C to 85°C Temperature Range
  • Low EMC Footprint
  • 2.5 kVrms Isolation (1 min.)
  • UL1577 and IEC061010 Approved

Check out our new IL600 video
All part types are in stock and available for same-day shipment, with no minimum order:
 Output Packages
IL61010010CMOSBare die, MSOP-8, SOIC-8, PDIP-8
IL610A1010Open-drainBare die, MSOP-8, SOIC-8, PDIP-8
IL611A1020Open-drainCMOS MSOP-8, SOIC-8, PDIP-8
IL61210011CMOSSOIC-8, PDIP-8
 IL612A 1011Open-drain SOIC-8, PDIP-8
IL61310030CMOS0.15" SOIC-16, 0.3" SOIC-16
IL61410021CMOS0.15" SOIC-16, 0.3" SOIC-16
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Distributor News

Line One SalesWelcome, Mate!

Line One Sales has joined NVE’s world-class distributor network. The international firm will provide sales, marketing, and application support for IsoLoop Isolators in Australia and New Zealand.

NVE’s award-winning products are available in more than 75 countries and our distributors speak many languages (even if you count Australian as English).

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Valentine’s Day Application Corner
Love IsoLoops; Hate Optos

Love IsoLoopsHate optos? You’re not alone

IsoLoop Isolators match optocoupler versatility but have smaller packages, less distortion, Evil Optosbetter reliability, and unlimited life.

IL600A-Series passive-input isolators are designed to be opto replacements with inputs similar to LEDs and outputs similar to phototransistors.

Inputs can be configured for inverting or non-inverting operation and accommodate a wide input voltage range. Versions are available with either CMOS or open-drain outputs.

Open-drain outputs can be wire-ORed together much like an optocoupler:

Multi-Channel Isolated Alarm Monitor Using IL610As

This illustrative circuit provides fail-safe output (logic high output for zero input current), 2.5 kVrms isolation, and 20 kV/µs transient immunity. Typical logic output sink current is 10 mA for each isolator.

So this Valentine’s Day, fall in love with IsoLoop Isolators—the opto alternativeSM.

Application Bulletin AB-20—Optocoupler Alternatives (.pdf)

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