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February 2009
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NVE In the News
“Analysts say the advantage of these [NVE] components is that they are smaller, faster and less power-hungry than conventional components...”

  —Feature on NVE
  —Star Tribune
  —January 11, 2009

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Product News

IL3000-Series Transceiver Price Cut

IL3x85 isolated
RS-485 transceivers.

Award-winning IsoLoop isolated transceivers have always been the best RS-485, RS-422, and PROFIBUS solution. Now they are even more cost-effective—as low as $2.60 each in 1,000-piece quantities (IL3122 and IL3185). Parts are in stock now and available for immediate delivery.

Key IL3000 features include:

0.15-inch Isolator
Unique 0.15" SOIC 

  •  Integrated Transceivers and Isolation
  •  0.15" and 0.3"-Wide 16-pin SOIC
  •  3 V or 5 V Power Supply
  •  Digital and Passive Input Versions
  •  PROFIBUS Version (IL3685)
  •  Up to 40 Mbps (IL35xx)

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24 Volt Current SensorNEW!

Maximum bridge input voltage for the new AAV003-10E GMR current sensor is now specified at 24 V rather than 12 V. The higher range is compatible with PLCs, and provides a remarkable typical sensitivity of 2 mV/mA with no amplification from -80 mA to +80 mA.

In addition to the higher bridge voltage specification, the parts now have an isolation voltage specification of 240 Vrms.

AAV003-10E Current Sensor
AAV003-10E Current Sensor
AAV003-10E current sensors are targeted at circuit board current sensing for process control and instrumentation. High sensitivity makes them ideal for 4-20 ma current loop detection.

The parts come in an ultraminiature 2.5 mm by 2.5 mm six-pin TDFN package.

<NEW AAV003-10E Data Sheet>

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Application Corner
Single-Chip RS-485 Isolated Transceivers

By Sandy Templeton
Director, Isolator Product Development and Applications

RS-485 Circuit

NVE’s single-chip isolated RS-485 transceivers dramatically reduce chip count compared to conventional isolation methods. As the circuit above shows, termination resistors (Rt) can be added to maximize speed and transmission length by reducing reflections. Fail-safe resistors (Rfs) guarantee a known bus state when no transceivers are active.

For more information on how isolated transceivers can dramatically reduce chip count, see Application Bulletin No. 5 (.pdf).

For practical tips for making RS-485 systems work, see
Application Bulletin No. 6 (.pdf).

The NVE Website has a number of other isolator illustrative applications. New applications are always being added.

Transceiver Part Numbering
NVE has a broad line of isolated transceiver part types. The numbering system tells you the part type at a glance:

IL3485-3E TR7

Base Part Number
  4 = Legacy Transceiver
  31 = Passive-In, 5 Mbps Xcvr
  32 = Passive-In, 1/8-Load Xcvr
  34 = Passive-In, 20 Mbps Xcvr
  35 = Digital-In, 40 Mbps Xcvr
  36 = PROFIBUS Transceiver
Channel Config.
  22 = RS-422
  85 = RS-485
  W = RS-485 Handshake
Package Size
  -3 = 0.15'' SOIC
  Blank = 0.30'' SOIC
Package Material
  Blank = Lead (Pb)
  E = RoHS
Bulk Packaging
  Blank = Tubes
  TR7 = 7'' Tape & Reel
  TR13 = 13'' T & R