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World's Smallest Isolated DC-to-DC Convertors

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NEW! World’s Smallest
Isolated DC-to-DC Convertors
ILDC1x functional diagram.
NVE's ILDCxx-15 line of the world's smallest isolated DC-to-DC converters has been expanded with the addition of 3.3-to-5 and 3.3-to-6 volt boost versions in addition to the original 3.3-to-3.3 volt versions.

High Isolation
Despite their small size, ILDCxxV parts are rated at a full 2.5 kV isolation under the new VDE 0884-17 standard.
Adequate Power
250 milliwatts of fully-regulated power is enough current for an isolated RS-485 bus or high-side MOSFET drivers.
Low Ripple
Less than one millivolt peak-to-peak ripple means low noise and reliable systems.

Soft Start
A smooth output ramp-up with a minimum two millisecond startup facilitates power sequencing such as allowing control electronics to start before an H-bridge is powered.

A 175 C maximum junction temperature allows full power up to 125 C ambient with no derating. Integrated short-circuit protection prevents excessive power dissipation.
  ILDC1x packages
DFN and SOIC16 versions.
Minimal Parts Count
Three inexpensive bypass capacitors are the only external parts required. No additional regulation is needed and there is no minimum load. Frequency hopping and shielding quash EMI and make ferrite beads unnecessary.

Ultraminiature Packages
The 3 x 5.5 mm DFN6 is the world’s smallest isolated DC-to-DC convertor. A JEDEC-standard SOIC16 package provides 4 kV isolation voltage.
 Part Number   Package  Input
ILDC11VE SOIC16W 3.3 V 3.3 V 4 kV
ILDC11-15E DFN6 2.5 kV
ILDC12VE SOIC16W 3.3 V 5 V 4 kV
ILDC12-15E DFN6 2.5 kV
ILDC13VE SOIC16W 3.3 V 6 V 4 kV
ILDC13-15E DFN6 2.5 kV
Evaluation Boards
ILDC-Series evaluation boards have everything needed to operate an ILDC1x, which is just the part and three bypass capacitors. There are also LEDs to show the convertor is operating, and screw terminals for easy connections. No ferrite beads or external regulators are necessary.

Immediate Delivery
ILDC-Series parts and evaluation boards are in stock for immediate delivery.
ILDC1x datasheet »
Demonstration video »

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We’ve begun Webcasts on the topics most important to our customers.

Here’s a replay of our Webcast on off-axis angle sensors:
In Stock
The parts mentioned in the Webcast are in stock for immediate delivery.
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NEW! ASR003 Combination Sensor
Smart Sensor Block DiagramMagnitude and Angle
The new ASR003 TMR Combination Sensor provides angle and magnetic field magnitude measurements over a wide range of speeds and operating fields. This is useful for magnet position and z-axis positioning.

Factory Calibrated
ASR0xx sensors are factory calibrated and internally temperature compensated.

Key Specifications

   0.1° angular resolution
   0.2° angular repeatability
   Fast 12.5 kSps sample rate
   Full -40 °C to 125 °C operating range
   Ultraminiature 2.5 x 2.5 mm DFN package

A Family of Smart Angle Sensors

NVE's unique ASR0xx family of smart angle sensors also includes the high-accuracy ASR002, the I²C ASR012, and the ABZ ASR022.
   Rotary encoders
   Motor control

Breakout Board
Smart Sensor Block DiagramBreakout boards provide easy connections to ASR0xx Angle Sensors. The boards have a sensor, the recommended bypass capacitor, and a six-pin header connected to each of the sensor I/O pads. The boards are just 0.5 by 0.6 inches (12 by 15 mm). The AG977 breakout board includes an ASR003 sensor.

Demonstration Boards
The AG976 demonstration board includes an ASR003 sensor, a diametrical magnet, magnet fixturing, and an interface board with a microcontroller. Four variable-brightness LEDs show the magnetic field strength in each direction.

Easy-to-install Windows software provides a graphical user interface showing the sensor output and allowing sensor parameters to be programmed:
AG963-07E ASR003 Smart Angle Sensor Demo Board

Here’s a demonstration of the remarkable new ASR003 sensor:
In Stock
ASR003 sensors are in stock for immediate delivery.
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Download the Datasheet
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