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World's Most Sensitive Magnetometer IC

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Certification Updates
NVE has been re-certified as an isolator “Überwachte Fertigungstätte” (approved Manufacturing Site) under rigorous VDE standards.
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NVE will be closed Monday, December 26 and Monday, January 2.
NEW! The World’s Most
Sensitive Magnetometer IC
NVE has broken the record for magnetometer sensitivity again with the new ALT021-10E Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) analog magnetometer. It has a remarkable sensitivity of 500 mV/V/mT. It can precisely measure fields from less than a microtesla to 250 microtesla.
ALT02x Transfer Function
 A unique
bipolar transfer function
Bipolar Output
The differential bridge outputs are bipolar, meaning positive for a positive field and negative for an opposite field polarity.
   High sensitivity (500 mV/V/mT typical)
   Large signal (200 mV/V typical full-scale)
   Flexible 0 to 10 V supply (no minimum)
   20 kiloohm device resistance for low power
   0.25 mT linear range
   High linearity (2% of full-scale)
   Ultra-low output temperature coefficient (0.1%/C)
ALT02x Equivalent Circuit
A differential bridge
analog output
   Up to 300 kHz bandwidth
   40 to 125 C operating range
   2.5 x 2.5 mm DFN package

   Proximity sensing
   Motion, speed, and position control
   Ferromagnetic material detection
   Flow sensing
   Geomagnetic navigation
   Noncontact current sensing
   Mechatronics and robotics

Three Versions
There are now three ALT-Series TMR magnetometer versions:
Part Number
(click for more information)
Linear Range 
ALT025-10E 20 0 to 10
ALT023-10E 200 0 to 1
         ALT021-10E [NEW!] 500 0 to 0.25
Demonstration Video
This video shows the remarkable sensitivity of the new ALT021:

ALT021 Demo

In Stock
The ALT021-10E, ALT023-10E, and ALT025-10E are all in stock for immediate delivery.
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