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5 kV 2-Channel Isolators

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New Products
IL711VE 5 kV Isolation Two-channel (both same direction) Isolators

IL721VE 5 kV Isolation Two-channel (one each direction) Isolators

2.5 kV MSOP Isolators

New Isolator Patent
NVE has been granted U.S. patent number 8,884,606, titled “Inverted Magnetic Isolator.”

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Recent Papers
NVE Senior Research Physicist Dr. Joseph Davies presented a paper written by members of NVE’s Advanced Technology Group titled, “Mixed anisotropy [Co/Pd]/Cu/CoFe/ NiFeCo pseudo spin valves for high field sensor application” at the Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference in November.
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Holiday Gift Ideas
Give the gifts every engineer wants this holiday season: NVE sensor and isolator Evaluation Kits. All kits cost less than $100.

The hottest gifts this year are RS-485 and CAN QSOP Isolator Evaluation Kits.

Happy Holidays
NVE will be closed Thursday and Friday, December 25 and 26, and Thursday, January 1.
We wish our readers the best this holiday season, and a successful 2015.
NEW! 5 kV Two-Channel Isolators
Two-Channel IsoLoop® IL711 / IL721 Isolators are now available in 5 kV isolation voltage / 1 kV Working Voltage versions.

5kV Isolators

Two-channel parts are available either with one channel each direction or both channels the same direction.

NVE 5 kV-rated “V-Series” Isolators have best-in-class high-voltage performance. Parts are 100% tested to a jolt-worthy 6 kVrms (8.5 kVpeak), and to 1000 Vrms Working Voltage per VDE 0884-10.

All IsoLoop Isolators feature a revolutionary ceramic/polymer composite isolation barrier providing a remarkable 44000 year extrapolated life and barrier resistance of more than 1014 ohms.
V-Series specifications include:
  • 5 kVrms isolation (1 minute) per UL 1577
  • 1000 Working Voltage (line voltage) per VDE 0884-10
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature
  • >1014 ohm barrier resistance
  • Wide-body packages with True 8 mm creepage
Applications include:
  • Medical instruments (see example below)
  • Smart-grid interfaces
  • Motor drives
  • Power supplies

The new IL711VE and IL721VE are in stock for immediate delivery, along with many other 5 kV isolators, including four-channel isolators and isolated transceivers.

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Recent Exhibitions
SPS IPC DrivesNVE products were on display at electronica in Munich, Germany in cooperation with distributors Hy-Line and IS-LINE. electronica is billed as the world’s leading trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications.
Application Corner
Isolated USB UART Using an IL721VE 
New IL721VE Isolators allow isolating USB interfaces to 1 kV working voltage with true 8 millimeter creepage, to meet the requirements of IEC 60601 and other demanding applications such as medical instruments.
Isolating the USB controller input (rather than the bus lines) requires fewer isolation channels, and is therefore the simplest solution as shown in the following circuit:
Isolated USB UART Using an IL721VE
The Microchip MCP2200 is a USB 2.0 to UART Protocol Converter.

The IL721VE offers best-in-class 1000 Working Voltage (line voltage) per VDE 0884-10 (see story above).

Unique 2.5 kV MSOP Isolators are also available for minimum board space were 5 kV isolation isn’t required.