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Website Update
NVE’s popular Website has been updated for faster part identification and easier application navigation.

Holiday Fun Fact
An average size Christmas stocking could hold more than one million of NVE's unique 1.1 millimeter square ULLGA magnetic sensors (a great gift for the engineer who has everything).

Holiday Music
The Muppets’
12 Days of Christmas
is playing on our voicemail background music.
Except for holidays, our music follows an NVE theme.

NVE will be closed for business Monday, December 26 and Monday, January 2, 2012.

We wish our readers the best this holiday season, and a successful 2012.
NVE Expanding
NVE recently broke ground on a major production expansion at its Eden Prairie, Minn. headquarters. The expansion will add another cleanroom bay and more test capacity to significantly increase the company’s production capacity.

Portions of the new bay will be in production by early 2012.

The expansion will allow NVE to meet increasing demand for its award-winning products.

NVE Building
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Improved Isolators
NVE has released even better versions of its award-winning IsoLoop® Isolators.
IsoLoop: The Opto Alternative

The parts have an improved manufacturing process and are tested to more stringent specifications. IsoLoop isolators continue their industry leading performance for key parameters including channel density, pulse-width distortion, and indefinite barrier life.

Datasheets are unchanged, but the new parts are much more robust at extremes of high temperature, low power supplies, and speed.

The improved parts have been phased in over the past months.
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Holiday Videos
Tired of It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street? Why not have an NVE video festival for this year’s holidays.

The two dozen acclaimed videos are funny, crisp, and informative.

Readers have even suggested drinking games.

Drink every time*:
  • The Geek uses “air quotes.”
  • Someone says they hate optos.
  • Someone mispronounces a technical term.
  • There’s a really bad pun.

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*Please drink responsibly.
 Don’t drink in excess when designing circuits. We see the results. Not pretty.

Isolator Holiday Shopping Guide
IsoLoop--The Opto Alternative
With over 100 models, there’s certain to be an IsoLoop Isolator for your application. The NVE Holiday Shopping Guide helps you choose the right one:
Requirement Feature Part Numbers
High data rate
High bandwidth GMR IL7xx, IL2xx
Smallest packages MSOP8 or narrow-body SOIC16 All
Analog or differential inputs Passive (coil) input IL6xx
Low PWD, 50 ps jitter
High slew rate electronics IL7xx, IL2xx
Low EMC footprint Data-driven transfer function IL7xx, IL2xx, IL5xx
Low quiescent power
Pulsed magnetic field IL7xx, IL2xx, IL5xx
Low dynamic power Edge-sensitive switching IL6xx
Excellent transient immunity Low capacitance All
Known initial output Internal refresh or passive input IL5xx (Internal refresh);
IL6xx (passive input)
Wired-OR outputs Open-drain outputs IL6xxA (“A” types)
Optocoupler emulation Passive input IL6xx
Isolated transceiver
Single-chip isolated RS-422, RS-485, PROFIBUS, or CAN IL3xxx; IL4xxx
Cost sensitive Lower-speed interface IL5xx
<Selection Details (Application Bulletin No. 16>

<Isolator Selector Guide> 
Holiday Stocking Stuffers
Sweaters and ties? Seriously?
NVE Sensor Evaluation Kit
Return those unwanted gifts and get what you really want—an NVE Sensor Evaluation Kit with everything you need to prototype a GMR sensor system, including various sensors, magnets, and circuit boards. Several kits are available, and all are under $100.

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