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December 2008
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Embedded Technology 2008
NVE products were on display at the 2008 Embedded Technology Exhibition in Yokohama, Japan in cooperation with distributor K.K. Rocky.

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The popular NVE Online Store has been updated for faster navigation. As always, hundreds of parts are available for immediate shipment with flat-rate shipping and no minimum order.

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Awards & Accolades
In November NVE Corporation was named to Deloitte's 2008 Technology Fast 500, an annual listing of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies in North America.
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Faster Than Light?
Lightning Bolt
Not faster than the speed of light, but the lightning-fast IL700S-Series isolators have a typical pulse-width distortion of 300 ps, which is the time it takes light to travel about three inches. At 1 Mpbs, the distortion is analogous to 1,000-foot wires matched within three inches.
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Product News

MSOP Isolator

Unique MSOP
  Isolators are  
 3 mm square 
MSOP Isolators IEC Approved

NVE's highly-acclaimed MSOP isolators recently received IEC 61010-2001 approval to 150 Vrms, a remarkable achievement for the world's smallest isolators of their type.

MSOP isolators can reduce board area by up to a factor of ten compared to single-channel PDIP isolators. Like all IsoLoop Isolators, these products feature excellent transient immunity and unlimited life. IsoLoop MSOP Isolators are available in a variety of input, output, and channel configurations.

Key MSOP isolator features include:
  • Passive or Digital Inputs
  • One or Two Channels
  • CMOS or Open-Drain Outputs
  • 150 Mbps (S-Series)
  • 125°C (T-Series)
  • Failsafe (IL600-Series)
  • DC Correct (IL500-Series and IL600-Series)
  • 2.3 kVrms Isolation (1 min.)
  • IEC 61010-2001 Approved
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IsoLoop--The Opto Alternative
Application Corner

Single-Component RS-485 Receiver
Using IL610

By Sandy Templeton
Director, Isolator Product Development and Applications

An IL610 can be used as a simple isolated RS-485/RS-422 receiver. No external resistors are required, and cabling is greatly simplified by eliminating the need to power the input side of the receiving board:

Single-Component RS-485 Receiver Using IL610

The circuit is failsafe because the IL610 is guaranteed to switch to the high state when the coil input current is less than 500 A. No current-limiting resistor is needed for a single receiver because it will draw less current than the driver maximum. Line termination resistors are not necessary in most IL610 line receiver applications below a data rate of about 10 Mbps because the IL610 coil resistance of approximately 70 Ohms is close to the characteristic impedance of most cables.

The IL610 provides 2.5 kVrms isolation (one minute) and 20 kV/s transient immunity. Parts are available in 8-pin PDIP, SOIC, or NVE's unique IEC approved MSOP.

For more information on using IL600-Series Isolators as differential receivers, see Application Bulletin No. 10 (.pdf).

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MSOP Isolators
  Part No.  

Input  Output  Features Max.
IL510-1 2 1/0 Digital CMOS Ext. Sync;
DC Correct
IL511-1 2 2/0 Digital CMOS DC Correct 85C
IL610-1 100 1/0  Passive  CMOS Failsafe;
DC Correct;
Output Enable
 IL610A-1  10 1/0 Passive Open-drain Failsafe;
DC Correct;
Output Enable
 IL611-1 100 2/0 Passive CMOS Failsafe;
DC Correct
 IL611A-1  10 2/0 Passive Open-drain Failsafe;
DC Correct
IL710-1 110 1/0 Digital CMOS Output Enable 100C
IL711-1 110 2/0 Digital CMOS 100C
IL712-1 110 1/1 Digital CMOS 100C
IL710T-1 110 1/0 Digital CMOS High Temp.;
Output Enable
IL711T-1 110 2/0 Digital CMOS High Temp. 125C
IL712T-1 110 1/1 Digital CMOS High Temp. 125C
IL710S-1 150 1/0 Digital CMOS Ultra-high Speed;
Output Enable
IL711S-1 150 2/0 Digital CMOS Ultra-high Speed 100C
IL712S-1 150 1/1 Digital CMOS Ultra-high Speed 100C

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