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Thanks to everyone who visited us at MD&M in Minneapolis in October. The most popular demonstrations were ultrasensitive and ultralow-power magnetometer sensors.

New Documents
Revised Datasheet:
IL761xV / IL781xV Data Couplers with Integrated DC-to-DC Convertors »

New Application Bulletin:
Simple Radiated Emissions Control for NVE’s Isolated DC-DC Convertors »

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CE Marking for NVE Isolators
With Integrated DC-to-DC Convertors
IL7611VE /
IL7612VE /
IL7614VE /
IL7615VE /
IL7616VE /
IL7617VE /
CE Mark  
NVE’s popular IL761xV / IL781xV line of data couplers with integrated DC-to-DC convertors is now CE marked under an EU Declaration of Conformity including general safety and EMC.

The isolation channels and DC-to-DC convertor are fully isolated with a remarkable 4 kVrms isolation voltage. A unique ceramic/polymer composite isolation barrier provides the industry’s best barrier resistance and virtually unlimited life. All parts are UL1577 registered and certified under the stringent new VDE 0884-17 standard.

Electromagnetic Compatibility
IL761xV / IL781xV parts meet the stringent CISPR32 Class B (FCC Class B/ EN 55032:2017/A11:2020) standards for radiated emissions without any additional external components. Unlike conventional parts that require ferrite beads, inductors, or large capacitors, these parts only require a small overlapping stitching capacitance on inner PCB layers for EMI mitigation. The latest datasheet and a new application bulletin have details on how to ensure your designs to pass EMC testing the first time, every time.
Revolutionary Technology
NVE’s revolutionary IsoLoop® DC-to-DC convertor module and patented GMR isolation technology provide best-in-class performance.

High Power
Integrated 250 milliwatt DC-to-DC convertors have enough current for plenty of channels or a variety of external circuitry.

Boost Convertor Models
Versions are available with either 3.3-to-3.3 volt integrated DC-to-DC convertors (IL761xVE) or 3.3-to-5 volt integrated boost convertors (IL781xVE).

Fully Regulated
Some DC-to-DC convertors are only “semi-regulated,” but these parts’ supplies have excellent line and load regulation.

Lowest Ripple
One millivolt peak-to-peak ripple on the DC-to-DC convertor outputs is an order of magnitude less than conventional parts and means low noise and reliable systems.

High Speed
The couplers are rated at 110 megabits per second for speed, transmission distance, and signal fidelity.

Standard Package
Creepage is a true eight millimeters in accordance with IEC60601 in a JEDEC-standard 16-pin wide-body package.

A Range of Configurations
Two-, three-, and four-channel versions are available with either 3.3-to-3.3 volt DC-to-DC convertors or 3.3-to-5 volt boost convertors:
     Model      Isolator
DC-to-DC Convertor
IL7611VE 2/0 3.3-to-3.3 volt
IL7612VE 1/1
IL7614VE 2/1
IL7615VE 4/0
IL7616VE 2/2
IL7617VE 3/1
IL7811VE 2/0 3.3-to-5 volt
boost convertor
IL7812VE 1/1
IL7814VE 2/1
IL7815VE 4/0
IL7816VE 2/2
IL7817VE 3/1
Evaluation Boards
An evaluation board is available that provides a complete isolated four-channel SPI node plus isolated power using an IL7817VE.

The four- by three-inch (100 mm by 75 mm) board provides screw terminals for connections, plus test points for checking voltages and I/O. There are also LEDs to indicate DC-to-DC convertor input and output power. It uses a 2s2p board with thermal vias for optimal thermal performance.
Download Eval Board Manual »

Immediate Delivery
All IL761xV / IL781xV models are in stock for immediate delivery.

Demonstration Videos
    IL7612 Demonstration »
IL7617 Demonstration »
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Halloween Application Corner
PROFIBUS Compliance
Doesn’t Have to Be Scary
Many designers don’t realize that PROFIBUS standards limit transceiver differential output voltage, which rules out many transceivers on the market.

That’s frightening.

A key PROFIBUS specification is, “The differential voltage between A- and B-line shall be a minimum of 4 V and a maximum of 7 V.” But most RS-485 transceivers don’t specify bus voltages that way. They specify a maximum and a minimum differential voltage between A and B, and it’s almost always quoted with a single output state under low and high loads. Furthermore, the specification must be met at the 5.5 V maximum power supply voltage.

Most manufacturers comply with the 4-volt minimum, but miss the less obvious 7-volt maximum, perhaps in the mistaken belief that maximizing differential output voltage must be a good thing.

That’s a nasty trick that will get your product rejected.

But NVE has a PROFIBUS treat—our IL3685 line of fully PROFIBUS-compliant isolated transceivers. Here’s a proven circuit:

Isolated PROFIBUS Circuit

A True PROFIBUS-Compliant Circuit

Now that wasn’t so scary, was it?

PROFIBUS Hardware Design Guide »
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