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Sensor Catalog
(extended range sensors; see story at right)

Analog Sensor Datasheet
(includes new high-field magnetometer sensor, and chock-full of new application tips)

AD-Series GMR Switch Datasheet
(reintroduced AD006 80 oersted version)

AAT101 Full-Bridge Angle Sensor datasheet

Defense Contracts
NVE was awarded a research contract by the U.S. Navy Naval Sea Systems Command titled,
Circulator Technology for Full Integration at the Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit Level.”
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 Saving Time
ends Sunday, November 5. “Rotate” your clocks back an hour.

NVE will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 23 and 24 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

We will be open Veterans’ Day Observed (Friday, November 10).
NEW! Wider Sensing Range
NVE’s proprietary Giant Magnetoresistive (GMR) technology provides precision over a wide field range, and that range just got wider.

With two new high-field analog magnetometer sensors, NVE now offers the broadest line of magnetometers (click on a part type for more information):

Magnetometer Sensors  

We’ve also expanded our digital switch line with the introduction of an ultrasensitive 4 oersted version, and the reintroduction, by popular demand, of a versatile 80 oersted version (click on a part type for more information):
Digital Switches  
Bare PCBs for Sensors
NVE offers PCBs for use with sensors (click on image to enlarge; click on text for more information):

AG004-06 SOIC8, 3" x 0.3" (75 x 8 mm) PCB
AG005-06 SOIC8, 0.5" x 0.5" (13 x 13 mm), PCB
AG915-06 MSOP8, 0.25" (6 mm) octagonal PCB
AG918-06 MSOP8, 2" x 0.25" (50 x 6 mm) PCB
AG919-06 MSOP8, 2" x 0.25" (50 x 6 mm) cross-axis orientation PCB
AG035-06 2.5 mm TDFN6, 1.57" x 0.25" (40 x 6 mm) PCB
AG904-06 1.1 mm ULLGA, 1.2" x 0.25" (30 x 6 mm) general-purpose PCB
AG039-06 ULLGA Digital Sensor Demonstration Bare Board
 PCB mini-manual
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Conferences and Exhibitions
MMM 2017
NVE researchers authored two papers that will be presented at the prestigious Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, November 6 to 10 in Pittsburgh.

Wireless Congress
NVE distributor HY-LINE will be exhibiting at Wireless Congress:
Systems & Applications
, November 15 and 16 in Munich, Germany.
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