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2-Wire Interfaces

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Sensor Catalog
Freshly updated with new products, the short-form Sensor Catalog summarizes parts and specifications in each of NVE’s six sensor product lines.

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New YouTube Videos
New ADT-Series TMR Rotation Sensors
Nanopower magnetic sensors run (almost) forever on a watch battery
ADL 1.1 mm Nanopower Sensor Demonstration
GMR Sensor Demonstration

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NEW! Nanopower Magnetic Sensor Evaluation Kit
The ridiculous low power of NVE's ADL-Series nanopower magnetic sensors is shown with an analog meter driven by an amplifier with a gain of 1000, providing a 100 nanoamp scale.

The self-contained demonstrator runs on a three-volt coin cell, with each of the three ADL sensor power ranges—the continuous duty ADL921; and the ADL021 and ADL121, which are internally duty-cycled for power consumption in the nanowatts.

In addition to ridiculously low power, ADL-Series sensors are the most sensitive and smallest sensors in their class, with magnetic operate points as low as 20 Oersteds and parts that fit on the head of a pin.

Key ADL-Series sensor features are:
  • Sensitive (as low as 20 Oersted)
  • Ultralow power (as low as 72 nW)
  • Ultraminiature 1.1 mm package
ADL sensors and demonstrators are in stock for immediate delivery.
ADL Demonstrator Manual >
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Upcoming Exhibitions
NVE staff will be supporting our distributor IS-LINE GmbH at Electronica, November 8-11, Munich Trade Fair Centre, Hall A4, stand 415.

New Demo Kits
 AG941-07E    AG941-07E: ADL-Series Evaluation Kit
 AG040B    AG040B: ADL041 Mini Eval Board

 AG932-07E    AG932-07E: ADT002 Rotation Sensor Eval Kit

    AG940-07E: Digital/ Analog/ Omnipolar/ Bipolar
    Sensor Demo Board

Halloween Application Corner
Non-Frightening Two-Wire Interfaces
Two-wire sensor interfaces can be frightening, but NVE parts make them easy.

With the sensor off, the two-wire interface circuit must draw a minimal residual current, typically about 1.5 mA. With the sensor on, the circuit has to provide enough current to drive a significant load such as a motor or solenoid.

This reference circuit uses an NVE DC001-10 regulator to wide operating latitude over the input voltage range:

Two-Wire Reference Circuit Using a Voltage Regulator
Two-Wire Reference Circuit
The residual current is dominated by the regulator’s quiescent current, which is less than 1 mA and relatively constant over input voltage. A Zener diode can be used instead of a voltage regulator in many applications.
 2-Wire Interface video (03:30) >
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