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In the News
NVE’s 1.1 mm-square magnetic sensors were covered in the October Medical Product Manufacturing News. An NVE medical device sensor was one of the magazine’s Top Products.

...typically consumes 29 nW at
0.9 V

Forbes’ prestigious list of America’s 100 Best Small Companies has NVE at number 45. The list is in the November 8 issue.

NVE is on a list of the fastest-growing public companies in Minnesota, according to a ranking in the current issue of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.
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Lightning Fast
Lightning Bolt
Lightning-fast IL700S-Series isolators have a typical pulse-width distortion of 300 ps, which is the time it takes light to travel about three inches. At 1 Mpbs, the distortion is analogous to two 1,000-foot wires matched within three inches.
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Voicemail Playlist
Bach’s Toccata in D minor is quintessential scary music and our telephone background music salute to Halloween.

Toccatas are also fast and precise, just like IsoLoop isolators.

NVE is closed Thursday and Friday, November 25 and 26.
Featured Product
S-Series Ultra-Fast Isolators
“S” stands for speed
S stands for speed
The remarkable speed of the IL700S-Series Ultra-Fast Isolators all but eliminate signal distortion. Typical pulse width distortion is a jaw-dropping 300 picoseconds. Even if you don’t need 150 Mbps, S‑Series Isolators mean you don’t have to worry about propagation delay, pulse width distortion, or propagation delay skew.

Other features include:
  • Up to 150 Mbps data rate
  • 300 ps typical pulse width distortion
  • 100 ps typical jitter
  • One or two channels (including bidirectional)
  • 100°C max. temperature
  • UL1577 and IEC 61010-1 approved
  • 8-pin MSOP or SOIC packages

All S-Series part types are in stock and available for same-day shipment, with no minimum order:
 Data Rate 
 Tx Ch  Rx Ch  Packages
 IL710S 15010MSOP-8, SOIC-8
IL711S 15020MSOP-8, SOIC-8
 IL712S 15011 MSOP-8, SOIC-8

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Application Note Revision

Bulletin #19AB-19: PROFIBUS Compliance: A Hardware Design Guide (.pdf; revised Oct. 2010)
An overview of best hardware design practices for Profibus DP nodes. Three important but sometimes tricky design considerations are covered: isolation, Profibus compatibility, and bus node polarity.
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Distributor News
New Authorized Distributor in China
Shenzhen Quad Logo  Shenzhen Quad Technology
Shenzhen Quad Technology Co., Ltd. has joined NVE’s world-class distributor network as an authorized IsoLoop Isolator distributor based in Shenzhen, China.

NVE’s award-winning products are available in more than 75 countries and our distributors speak countless languages, including Mandarin Chinese.

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Halloween Application Corner
PumpkinIsoLoop Isolators Stop Scary Timing

By Sandy “Speedy” Templeton
Director, Isolator Product Development and Applications

Isolating DACs and ADCs is can put a stake through the heart of noise and eliminate ground loop ghosts. But use conventional isolators, and yikes! Jitter and race conditions suck the precision from your system like a vampire in a blood bank. In an audio system, that can make your system shriek like a banshee.

IsoLoop isolators are a silver bullet for signal distortion.

For example, this circuit isolates the I²S serial interface between a CD module and a DAC:

CD Transport Circuit

Low-Jitter Isolation
All IsoLoop Isolators have an unmatched 100 picoseconds jitter. The ultrafast IL700S-Series Isolators have a maximum speed of 150 Mbps and typical pulse width distortion of a jaw-dropping 300 picoseconds.

So this Halloween, take the scary out of isolation timing.

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