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New Isolator Catalog
Isolator Catalog
Hot off the presses, the popular IsoLoop Short-Form Catalog was updated in September and now includes CAN isolators.

Eight pages of the most useful data and applications, the catalog is essential for anyone who specifies or purchases isolators.

Request the printed version (the perfect addition to any coffee table) or download the catalog.

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Featured Product
PDIP Isolators
State-of-the-art technology in a venerable package
PDIP Package

Pin-for-pin replacements for popular optocouplers, IsoLoop PDIP isolators provide higher speed, less distortion, and unlimited life without changing board layout.

Key PDIP isolator features include:
  • JDEC standard package
  • 7 mm external high-voltage clearance
  • Passive or digital inputs
  • One or two channels (including bidirectional)
  • CMOS or open-drain outputs
  • Up to 125°C (T-Series)
  • UL1577 / IEC 61010-2001
  • 2.5 kVrms isolation (1 min.)
  • 300 Vrms working voltage

A dozen PDIP isolator part types are currently in stock and available for immediate delivery with no minimum order:

Input Output FeaturesMax.
IL610-21001/0 Passive CMOSOutput Enable85C
IL610A-2101/0PassiveOpen-drainOutput Enable85C
 IL611-2 1002/0PassiveCMOS85C
 IL611A-2 102/0PassiveOpen-drain85C
IL612-2 1001/1PassiveCMOSBi-directional85C
IL710-21101/0DigitalCMOSOutput Enable100C
IL712-2 1101/1DigitalCMOSBi-directional100C
IL710T-2 1101/0DigitalCMOSOutput Enable125C
IL711T-2 1102/0DigitalCMOS125C
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Application Corner
Drop-In Opto Replacement
By Sandy Templeton
Director, Isolator
Product Development and Applications

IL600A-Series passive-input isolators are designed as opto replacements with inputs similar to LEDs and outputs similar to phototransistors.

IsoLoop Isolators match optocoupler versatility but have smaller packages, less distortion, better reliability, and unlimited life.

Available packages include venerable PDIP8s (see story above) and SOIC8s. Unique MSOPs and SOIC16s are also available to reduce board space compared to optos.

Inputs can be configured for inverting or non-inverting operation and accommodate a wide input voltage range. Versions are available with either CMOS or open-drain outputs.

Open-drain outputs can be wire-ORed together much like an optocoupler:

Multi-Channel Isolated Alarm Monitor Using IL610As

This illustrative circuit provides fail-safe output (logic high output for zero coil current), 2.5 kVrms isolation, and 20 kV/µs transient immunity. Typical logic output sink current is 10 mA for each isolator.

Application Bulletin AB-20—Optocoupler Alternatives (.pdf)

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