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Top Five YouTube
Views of 2021
1 Pneumatic Cylinder Servo Using Smart Sensors
2 Smart Sensor Limit Switch
3 AET500 Magnetic Linear Encoder
4 Magnetic Sensors for Arduino
5 Interfacing Angle Sensors to Microcontrollers

2022 Awards
NVE was named to Forbes 2022 America’s Best Small Companies

New Year Holiday
NVE will be closed Friday, December 31 for the New Year holiday.
Best New Products of 2021
ALT023 Transfer Function NVE’s Most Sensitive
Sensor Ever

The new ALT023 is a version of the popular ALT025 Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) analog magnetometer with ten times the sensitivity (200 mV/V/mT). The ALT023 can precisely measure fields from a few microtesla to 1 millitesla.
ABT Gear-Tooth Sensor  
TMR Gear-Tooth Sensors
ABT-Series Gear-Tooth Sensors are the world’s first Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) gear-tooth sensors. Key features include 0.001° resolution, large analog peak-to-peak signals, two channels to detect direction, operating frequency to 350 kHz, and 150 °C operating temperature.
ADT-Series Magnetic Switches
TMR Magnetic Switches

ADT-Series TMR magnetic switches provide ultralow power without duty cycling. That means high speed, low noise, and more reliable operation. The parts operate from 2.4 to 4.2 volts with a typical quiescent supply current of just 0.6 µA. Magnetic operate points are as low as 1.5 mT. ADT sensors come in a 1.1 by 1.1 mm DFN4 package.
ILDC11 Packages  
Ultraminiature DC-DC Convertor
With 4 kV Isolation

The new IsoLoop® ILDC11VE is a 10 mm by 8 mm 3.3-to-3.3 V DC-DC convertor with 4 kVrms isolation, complementing the previously released 3 mm by 5.5 mm ILDC11-15E with 2.5 kVrms isolation. Both versions provide 250 mW of regulated, low-ripple power. Frequency hopping and shielding quash EMI and make ferrite beads unnecessary.
Isolators with Integrated
DC-to-DC Convertors

In 2021 we expanded our industry-leading line of isolators
with integrated DC-to-DC convertors to include boost versions, 4 kV isolation, and a plethora of new channel configurations. The family is based on NVE’s revolutionary IsoLoop DC-to-DC convertor technology and patented GMR isolation technology.
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