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Case Studies
NVE sensors are used in a non-destructive test system for pipes in an new article by authors from Victoria University.

Links to this and other amazing uses of NVE products are on our new "Case Studies" Webpage.

Happy New Year
NVE was closed January 1 for the New Year holiday, but is operating normally the rest of the week.
Special Year-End Review Issue
new product highlights included:
Full-Bridge TMR Angle Sensor
The new AAT101-10E Full-Bridge TMR Angle Sensor is a high-output magnetic sensor for angle measurements based on rotating magnetic fields.
High-Field Analog
Magnetometer Sensor

The new AAK001-14E is an analog magnetometer sensor for precise sensing of magnetic fields up to a remarkable 4 kilooersteds (400 mT).
World’s Most Sensitive Magnetic Switch
The newest member of NVE’s industry-leading family of magnetic switches, the AFL006, is also the most sensitive, with a remarkable 4 oersted typical operate point.
Low-Power Isolated
RS-485 Transceiver

With a typical total quiescent current of just 2.4 mA at 5 volts, the new IL2985 draws less than one-third the supply current of our standard products, which are already fairly low power.
40 Mbps QSOP
RS-485 Transceiver

The world’s fastest isolated RS-485 transceivers are now also the world’s smallest. The new IL3685-1E is an ultrahigh-speed isolated transceiver in NVE’s ultraminiature, low thermal resistance QSOP-16 package.
World’s Smallest Analog Sensor
NVE’s industry-standard analog magnetometer sensors got smaller with a new TDFN6 version, the AAL004-10E. The new part is the world’s smallest high-performance analog sensor IC.
IL3022E Low-Cost RS-422 Transceiver
The IL3022E is a cost-effective galvanically isolated, high-speed, full-duplex bus transceiver.
Low-Field Angle Sensor
AAT006-10E Angle Sensors use Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technology for operation at magnetic fields as low as 15 oersteds, allowing an extremely wide airgap tolerance.
Low-Field Angle Sensor
ADL021 Nanopower Sensor
Mini Eval Board

The AG040B is a 0.25 x 1.57 inch demo board with the ultraminiature, ultralow-power ADL021 magnetic switch. Powered by a coin cell (included), the quiescent power is so low the battery will last indefinitely. An LED indicates when the sensor is activated; a miniature bar magnet is included.
Bare Boards  
Sensor Bare Boards
NVE offers PCBs for use with sensors, including SOIC, MSOP, TDFN, and ULLGA for easy prototyping.

2017 Website Upgrades
In 2017, a new Website layout makes NVE’s award-winning technical videos more accessible and easier to search, and an upgraded video server means no buffering.

A new set of Web apps lets you simulate the outputs of NVE sensors with different magnets or current-carrying traces at various distances. The handy simulations accommodate cylindrical, disk, or rectangular magnets, or a variety of current-carrying traces. Analog, digital, and Nanopower sensors are supported. The simple, intuitive apps do the complex math for you.
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