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Happy New Year
NVE was closed January 2 for the New Year holiday, but is operating normally the rest of the week.
NEW! 2016 New Products
new product highlights included:
Rotation Quadrant Sensor
The new ADT002-10E rotation sensor is an ultralow power, digital-output sensor providing accurate, absolute rotational quadrant information based on a rotating magnet.
6 kV Isolator
Ridiculously Low-Power Angle Sensor
The AAT009-10E Ultra-Ultra-Low Power Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) Angle Sensor has 6 MΩ typical device resistance.
Basic CAN Transceiver
ADL041 Nanopower Sensor Mini Eval Board

A demo board with the ultraminiature, ultralow-power ADL021 magnetic switch. Powered by a coin cell (included), the quiescent power is so low, the battery will last indefinitely.
ADL-Series Nanopower Magnetic Sensor Evaluation Kit

The kit includes a demo board with three ultraminiature, ultralow-power ADL-Series magnetic sensors. Each sensor drives an indicator LED, and a meter shows the sensor power in microamps or nanoamps.
ADT002 Rotation Sensor Evaluation Kit

The board includes an ADT002 rotation sensor, a split-pole magnet, a 3-volt coin cell, and simple circuitry to drive LEDs from the sensor outputs. Two LEDs follow the sensor outputs; four others indicate the rotational quadrant.
Digital/ Analog/ Omnipolar/ Bipolar Sensor Demo Board

The kit includes a demo board our most popular sensor types: digital, analog, omnipolar, and bipolar. Each sensor drives an indicator LED. A bar magnet is included.

Recent Exhibitions
NVE distributor K.K. Rocky demonstrated the easy interface and remarkable precision of NVE AAT-Series angle sensors at the Embedded / IoT Technology show in Yokohama, Japan:
Embedded / IoT Show

  Click here for a video showing how we make angle sensor/laptop demonstrations like this one.
NEW!ADL021 Mini Demo Boards
New boards let you see for yourself the ridiculous low power, high sensitivity and tiny size of NVE’s ADL021 magnetic sensors.

The boards have a digital outputs and LED indicators. A bar magnet is included.

The miniature evaluation boards are just 0.25 x 1.57 inches (6 mm x 40 mm).
ADL021 sensor features include:
  • Ultralow current (100 nA)
  • Sensitive (20 Oersted)
  • 1.1 mm x 1.1 mm (small enough to fit on the head of a pin)

Two board versions are available. The AG040C is designed to be externally-powered from a 3.3-volt nominal supply. These boards are ideal to interface to Arduino or other single-board computers.

The AG040B version is powered by a coin cell (included) for a self-contained demonstration. Sensor quiescent current is so low the battery will last indefinitely, so there's no need for a power switch or battery holder:

ADL0xx Sensor Battery Life

Both mini demo board versions—with and without batteries—are in stock for immediate delivery.

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