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New Products
Top-of-the-Line Isolators
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DC-Correct 2-Channel Bidirectional Isolator

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  •  VDE certification
  •  Power consumption spec upgrades
  •  MSL 1

In the News
NVE’s proposal titled “Spintronics-based Physical Unclonable Functions” was selected for award by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency.

NVE In the News >
NEW! IL815 and IL817
Top-of-the-Line 4-Channel Isolators
IL815TE Top-of-the-Line IsolatorThe newest members of the groundbreaking IL800-Series Isolator family are four-channel, wide-body isolator. Four-channel isolators are one of our most popular configurations, with applications including analog-to-digital convertors and SPI interfaces.

IL815TE Top-of-the-Line IsolatorThe new IL815TE and IL817TE are also the first IL800-Series Isolators in NVE’s unique True 8™ eight-millimeter creepage wide-body package.

The IL800-Series is the industry’s new top-of-the-line isolators with best-in-class specifications:
  •  125°C max. operating temperature
  •  110 Mbps
  •  10 ns propagation delay
  •  DC-correct; deterministic power-up
  •  50 kV/µs typ.; 30 kV/µs min. transient immunity
  •  IEC 60747-5-5 (VDE0884) certified—600 Vrms WV
  •  44000-year barrier life
  •  Low EMC footprint
  •  True 8™ eight-millimeter creepage wide-body package
The new parts are in stock for immediate delivery, along with the previously-announced two-channel IL821T-3E and three-channel IL814T-3E.

Download IL800-Series Datasheet >

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2013 Year in Review
Record product sales in the most recent quarter capped a great year for NVE with new products, design resources, and distributors:
New Products
    •   IL800-Series Top-of-the-Line Isolators
DC-correct isolators with best-in-class specifications, including 125°C max. operating temperature, 110 Mbps, 50 kV/µs typ. transient immunity, and 44000-year barrier life.
DC-correct, two-channel bidirectional isolator
s, 110 Mbps, 85°C, 8-pin SOIC.
IL3585-3E and IL3685-3E
Narrow-body RS-485 and PROFIBUS-transceivers.
IL3085-3E and IL3085E
Low-cost isolated RS-485 transceivers.
IL721 True 8™ Isolators
High-speed, two-channel bidirectional isolators in NVE’s unique guaranteed eight millimeter creepage package.
Product Upgrades
    •   Isolator common-mode transient immunity specifications upgraded to best-in-class 30 kV/µs minimum; 50 kV/µs typical.
VDE-Certified Isolators—NVE Isolators were certified under IEC 60747 (VDE 0884), the gold standard for isolator high-voltage performance.
•   Isolator high voltage endurance specifications upgraded to best-in-class 1000 VRMS and 1500 VDC.
Increased Isolator magnetic immunity specifications.
Isolator power consumption specifications upgraded.
Most parts upgraded to MSL 1.
New Design Resources
    •   A complete library of Isolator IBIS models.
New Distribution
   •  Newark element 14 in North America
   •  CFC Electronic in Italy
   •  IS-POWER in Turkey
   •  Jingshi Technologies in China
    •   NVE expanded production to meet increasing demand, including a new cleanroom bay.
Application Corner
Isolating SPI With IL817 Isolators
Isolating Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI) eliminates ground loops between analog and digital sections and improves resolution by reducing noise.

With their high speed, high temperature, and high transient immunity, NVE’s new IL800-Series isolators are ideal (see story above).

Here’s an illustration of single-channel isolated delta-sigma ADC:

Isolated SPI Interface
Isolated Delta-Sigma ADC With an IL817 Isolator

For more practical SPI circuits and tips, visit the ADC/DAC Application Center or watch this technical video:
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Play Video ->