NVE IL200 Series 5-Channel Isolators
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IL200-Series 5-Channel Digital Isolators
Unmatched channel density...High-Speed Digital Signal Isolators

IL200 Isolators the industry's densest high-performance 5-channel digital isolators. Available in a wide (0.3") SOIC-16 package for maximum creepage distance, narrow (0.15") SOIC or QSOP packages for unmatched channel density. IL200 isolators are ideal for isolated Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and isolated A/D converters.

Key features are:

0.3" SOIC-16, 0.15" SOIC-16, and QSOP-16    
110 Mbps typ. data rate
6 kV isolation / 1 kV WV (V-Series)
VDE 0884, IEC 60747, UL1577

44000 year barrier life
50 kV/µs typ. transient immunity
Low EMC footprint

(click for PDF data sheet)
IL260 (.pdf) 5 0
IL261 (.pdf) 4 1
IL262 (.pdf) 3 2
"E" suffix for RoHS

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